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5 Best Metadata Management Tools in 2021

Metadata management tools deliver insight and context in data assets that are stored throughout an enterprise environment.

Investing in the best metadata strategy makes information searchable, manageable, and locatable. It results in better data governance and opportunities for improved analytics. One of the most data catalog platforms available in the market can be characterized by the ability to provide the user with simple access to the information and a better user interface. Besides, they simplify accessibility and sharing of data for everybody in the enterprise.

Enterprise metadata management or EMM includes the responsibilities, roles, organization, processes, as well as technology essential to make sure that metadata across enterprise adds a little value to the enterprise’s data. Enterprise Metadata Management is quite different from the metadata management that operates at a level of one single program, initiative, or project; but EMM works over all these platforms. There are many vendors and tools to consider, mainly in terms of needs of a business and task. Let us check them out:


Octopai is one popular metadata management tool that allows data & analytics teams to govern and discover the shared metadata. It does metadata scanning just by gathering this from ETL, reporting tools, and databases. Metadata can be managed and stored in the central repository. And smart engine by using several crawlers searches and presents quick results. Octopai platform can be used best for cases in business intelligence, data catalog, and governance.


Alation is yet another leading player in the metadata management market right from its entry in data catalogs, as well as is known for the data cataloging capabilities. The tool has gained from an overall hype over data cataloging during the past many years. Also, alation benefits from its set of partnerships, with the leading providers in various markets that support the analytical use cases. Alation has received several rewards for the data cataloging with inclusion in CRN’s list of the emerging vendors in 2018.


Smartlogic provides a metadata management platform through the comprehensive semantic Artificial Intelligence platform. This platform provides companies complete freedom of revealing the qualified and contextual data in their network that will help to support the enterprise initiatives such as records management, improved customer experience, as well as contract lifecycle management.

It supports the projects for regulatory compliance, information security, and process automation in the model-driven & rule-based service. However, Smartlogic helps the users to drive the self-service delivery & move organizational information looking from the keyword focus to semantic process. It makes it simple to track any data or queries.


The vendor provides powerful data cataloging and governance capabilities made to manage and consume data over the enterprise. Also, collibra takes the collaborative approach for managing metadata. This focuses on group interactions just by establishing the user roles for data consumption and ownership. This tool is made to work with emerging digital technologies like the Internet of Things, AI, machine learning, and more. Users can document responsibilities and roles and use the workflows to map and define the data. Collibra is one of the best and unique products as this tool was built with the business end-users.

5.ASG Technologies

ASG Technologies is a company that is committed to supporting various brands in the digital transformation and helps the data leaders to improve the decision-making procedure through data democratization. Also, no matter whether you want help to comply with the privacy rules. Or you wish to gain insights into the data lakes, ASG Technologies will help you out in each possible way. The more advanced data platform will discover any information across 220 traditional & big data environments. There is access to the automated data tagging & pattern matching.

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Business leaders can very easily access various powerful metrics. The automated business lineage allows the users to understand data much better and there are the governance abilities included to trace data in an enterprise environment.

This process of analyzing, finding, buying, and deploying the metadata management platform will be the most complicated one. Thus, it is very important for organizations to refrain from adopting a single approach and turn attention to any specific problems that have to get addressed. Also, the platforms that are listed here are the top leaders in metadata management solutions. Even though complete research is recommended.

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