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Adobe’s Pride: 5 Fundamental Reasons Why PDF Is Better Than Microsoft Word

Portable Document Format, generally known as PDF, is widely considered one of the most used files in today’s generation, where everything is digital. The format is not just common and functional for business, real estate agency template, and even for medical-related purposes. Studies have found out that PDF is also famous for academic-related purposes. 

The format’s popularity started in 2008 when Adobe launched it as an open standard. Since then, the format has been adopted in various places in the world. You can gain a lot of advantages when you use the format for your day-to-day activities. This is why people opt for PDF format over Microsoft Word. Now, if you wish to convert your Word files to PDF, PDFBear is on its way to help you. 


PDFBear is a website that offers a cloud-based converter tool to convert your Microsoft Word files to PDF conveniently. You can use its Word to PDF converter free of charge. You don’t have to pay any charges just to use the full service. 

However, PDFBear also offers other web-based tools to work on your documents aside from the converter tool. These tools include PDF merger, repair PDF, PDF reader, and rotate PDF tool. They are all free, safe, and secure to use. Now, if you wish to convert your Word to PDF, follow the instructions below. 

  • Visit The Website. Upload your Microsoft Word document by visiting the website first. Click the “Select A File” button to start this process. Be sure to select the right documents before you begin the conversion. 
  • Let The Toolbox Scan Your Files. Allow the website’s toolbox to scan your inputs before proceeding to the next step. It will only consume a minute or seconds. 
  • Wait For The Conversion To Be Completed. After the three steps mentioned, the conversion process will begin. Spare the tool a few seconds to complete the conversion. It will be fast and quick as long as you have an internet connection. 
  • Save and Download. When the process is complete, download your newly converted PDF to your device. Or, save it on your Google Drive account. 

Why should you convert your Word files to PDF?

PDF offers a lot of advantages for its users. There are actually thousands of reasons why you should opt for this file format over Microsoft Word and even PowerPoint. Here are the top factors why you should use the format for any business, legal, or even academic-related concerns. 

Universal Compatibility

Most of today’s platforms have widely supported format after it became an open platform in 2008. Most operating systems are totally capable of opening and viewing PDFs. It can work on Mac, Windows, Linux, or even on your Android. 

Safe And Secure File Sharing

It’s quick to save your PDFs with the support of a password. The data of your PDF file will be protected from anybody who is not allowed to access it. If you know how and when to password-protect your PDF document, rest assured that your PDFs are safe and protected whenever you send or exchange them via emails or other mobile applications.

Detailed Feedback

Providing annotations for a specific PDF makes the format more famous than other file formats. The PDF file format supports annotations. You will get extremely detailed reviews or suggestions from your office mates or peers for the work you’ve done by simply sharing a copy of your file. You can even add notes, outline text, or even draw on its content.


Professionalism is actually one of the main reasons why thousands of professionals often use PDF format. If you’ve ever presented a business report or received a legal agreement, there is a strong probability that these documents would be in format. 

It Will Stays For A Long-Haul

Technology is moving fast, but the PDF files are likely here to stay for a long time. PDF is so universal and has so much historical background that it will take a radical change in computing for everybody to follow a new standard.


PDF has too much to offer for its users worldwide. You can get numerous benefits by simply using it. Whether your document is intended for business or academic-related errands, better present it in , and everything will be smooth and convenient. 

If you also wish to convert your Microsoft Word file to , opt for PDF Bear service to work on the whole conversion task. The process will be quick and secure. Its converter tool is completely offered for free. What are you waiting for? Visit the site now. 

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