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5 Outdoor Tech Accessories to Buy Your Adventurous Partner

The outdoors are having a moment. In the wake of the pandemic, more people are spending time in the wilderness, with 168.1 million participants — or 55 percent of the U.S. population, ages six and older — getting out in nature in 2022. This is a 2.3 percent increase from the year before, according to the Outdoor Industry Association. In fact, interest in outdoor recreation has been growing for the last eight years in a row across nearly every age and demographic group, with increasing diversity and participation among young people and LGBTQ+ individuals. The most popular outdoor activities include hiking, hunting, fishing, trail running and jogging, biking, camping and RVing.

If you have a partner who loves to get out in nature, grab one of these outdoor tech accessories to gift them the adventure of a lifetime.

1. Motorcycle Helmet Communication

Motorcycle helmet communication is changing the way people ride. No more hand signals or waiting hours for your partner to return your call or text during a long trip. The latest wireless headsets use Bluetooth technology to connect your special someone to everyone in their group. New models link up to 15 riders at a time using Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC), creating a direct line between everyone in range so they won’t get disconnected when they fall out of formation. Durable and completely waterproof, the receiver quickly mounts onto any helmet.

Choose a headset with crystal-clear motorcycle helmet speakers to help them listen to music or their favorite podcast during their commute. The audio adjusts automatically to their surroundings for a safer rider.

2. Portable Solar Generator

Does your partner need a power boost? Give them a portable solar panel/generator to help them charge all their portable electronics in nature. Look for a lightweight, foldable panel they can store in their backpack or RV, perfect for camping or a long road trip. The device should charge in just a few hours or less to keep them on the go. It will turn any sunny alcove into a slice of home. You never have to worry about their phone losing power in an emergency. Having access to kitchen appliances might even convince you to tag along.

3. Electronic Fire Pit

Everyone loves a campfire, but lighting up a pile of kindling in nature can cause wildfires. Breathing in burning particulate matter can also harm their health.

New portable, electric fireplaces create the perfect setting for roasting marshmallows or cooking dinner without the risks. No more shuffling around the fire to avoid the smoke. The mesh grate gives them an ideal view of the wood and coals burning while reducing air pollution using smoke-eating combustion. The durable container makes it impossible for the flames to spread. Some models even come with a USB converter, so they can use the energy to charge their electronics by the fire.

Crankable Hand Light

4. Crankable Hand Light

The problem with portable solar panels is that they don’t work at night. Have no fear. With a handheld light that runs on mechanical energy, your loved one can see in the dark even when there’s no light in the sky. The device comes with a pull cord that generates lumens with every tug. One minute of pulling creates two hours of light for reading, making repairs or cooking dinner after the sun goes down. Need a nightlight? No problem. Some will glow for up to 90 hours in the lowest setting, perfect for traversing the Arctic when the sun doesn’t shine for months at a time.

5. Smart Cooler

Ice cream while camping, anyone? Treat them to an electric smart cooler will keep all their provisions chilled to perfection. It can make ice for cocktails around the campfire, refrigerate perishables and freeze food for long-term storage. Find a cooler with a spacious interior to give them enough room for a week’s worth of food or dozens. The pack is great for hunters who want to preserve their meat and anyone who enjoys a freshly cooked meal in nature. The cooler runs on A/C power, so they’ll need to use a portable charger or solar battery to keep it on. They can adjust the temperature of the contents using the included smartphone app, so all their ingredients are waiting for them when they return to camp.

Outdoor technology

Outdoor technology keeps getting better and better. This year’s slate of goodies will transform any recreational experience, helping your partner traverse the wilderness like a pro. Gifting them will also give you peace of mind, knowing they have everything they need to get home safe and sound. Spread some outdoor holiday joy this season with these outdoor tech accessories.

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