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6 Benefits of Barcode Labeling for Your Business

Barcode Labeling: Barcodes have been available commercially for the last 50 years to business owners. Despite its relatively widespread use by big box stores, you may not be fully aware of the benefits that barcode labeling has to offer. If you’re a small business owner or run a manufacturing enterprise, the potential advantages of barcodes are too many to overlook.

Understanding the Benefits of Barcode Labeling

If you think that supermarkets and department stores are the only types of businesses that can benefit from barcode labeling, think again. For business owners with any inventory or tracking of physical products, adapting product barcodes label printing into your system is game-changing. Let’s look at how making the shift to barcodes can immediately benefit your company.

1. Cut Down on Training

Manually inputting data into a computer needs knowledge of the ERP used by your company. Your human resources department will need to account for the appropriate employee training on the software. Furthermore, future program updates may require employees to receive additional training.

A barcode system eliminates the need for such training as learning to use a scanner takes a few minutes.

2. Minimize Mistakes

Even the most alert and detail-oriented employees can make a mistake every once in a while. However, when dealing with inventory or other processes, an error can prove costly. Misplacing a decimal or making a typing error can affect the flow of your daily operations.

Scanning barcodes takes human error out of the equation and makes stock management a matter of running a scanner over labels.

3. Achieve Maximum Inventory Control

Adopting a barcode system not only eliminates errors but offers maximum efficiency. When you track your inventory with razor-sharp precision, your ability to keep lower inventory levels increases.

Reducing the stock you have in your warehouse reduces the costs associated with keeping the inventory on-site. Overhead may include larger storage space than necessary and employee hours required for rearranging stock for first in, first out handling. With a barcode system, your company can free up valuable resources that allow you to grow your business.

4. Improve Decision Making

Adopting barcode technology in your business will allow you to make informed decisions. When receiving a purchase order, you’ll be able to answer with confidence as to your ability to complete the request within a specified timeframe. You can also make good decisions as to which product lines you should continue and which may be worth removing from your catalog.

5. Obtain Better Data

Each item you label gives you the opportunity to track the type of part, the date it was received, and its price. You may also be able to store production dates as well as other useful information regarding the item. As per the creators of BarTender, a comprehensive barcode labeling software solution, you can “Easily integrate with SAP and Oracle.”

Having this data at your fingertips with the click of a button can provide more useful data than any other inventory system. If prices change on the open market, you can decide whether to stock up on a part or search for a less expensive substitute.

6. Cut Your Costs

Cost-cutting is a benefit that is inherent in all other benefits of barcode labeling but should be emphasized separately. Whether in reducing your payroll or cutting your overhead, bringing barcodes into your business will be reflected in your bottom line.

Find the Optimal Barcode Solution for Your Business

Finding the best barcode solution for your business is just as much about getting the best hardware as it is about the label software. Think about your daily business processes and how you, your employees, and your clientele can benefit from your adoption of an effective barcode solution like the one offered by Seagull Scientific.

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