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Bus Advertising: On The Move with Your Customers

If you are planning on advertising your business, you have plenty of options. If there is public transportation in your area, why not consider bus advertising? You’ll be able to reach out to commuters that are going to and from work.

You might even target tourists that are visiting from elsewhere. Regardless, you might want to consider the kind of message you are putting out there. Granted, there are a few placement spots that you’ll want to look at before deciding if bus ads are good for you.

This guide will help make them successful. We’ll talk about the design and placement, which are two big elements in making bus ads effective. Let’s dive right in.

What are the advantages of bus advertising?

The biggest advantage of bus advertising is that it can reach a mass market. Sure, you may get plenty of impressions, including from people that are not outside of your target audience. Another advantage is that you’re going to reach plenty of people.

Depending on how many buses your ads will be on, it will be seen on plenty of routes throughout the city. However, you may want to be strategic with this (which will explain in a bit). If your ad is on one route, it can reach a certain area, but won’t be all over the place.

So your brand won’t be as visible as you think. Yet, your ads should not be on every bus stop in the city (if it’s a large geographic area like Los Angeles).

Being strategic about your ads

As far as placement is concerned, it’s about knowing where to place the ads. Let’s take a look at the following places where your ads will be:

  • Outside of the bus: You will see ads on either the sides (kings) or the back (tails) of the bus. Because they are slightly larger in size, kings will cost a bit more than tails. These ads will be visible to people who are outside of the bus (including motorists that will see your bus, pedestrians, etc.)
  • Interior ads: Located inside the bus. They are smaller in size, so perhaps the most cost-effective of the bunch.
  • Wraps: This is an ad that will cover up the entire bus. For this reason, this will be the most expensive option. If you really want to make a statement and have the cash, this is the go-to option for you. Keep in mind that an agency will have a minimum number of buses you’ll need to use for this kind of ad.

Where will your ads be seen

This will depend on the number of buses in your city. At the same time, there may be a minimum number of buses you will need to display your ads. For example, if you are planning on using tail ads, an agency may require a minimum of 10 buses.

This is where you’ll want to choose your buses wisely. Choose the buses that will run through a mile radius (give or take) of your business. This will allow people to travel a short distance to get there.

However, the bus route may be a bit lengthy and farther away from your place of business. Yes, people can take a bus (of course) or may travel by car if they need to. But if someone happens to be close by and sees an ad for what you’re offering, they might make the quick trip to see what you’ve got.

How much will it be for bus ads?

It depends on your budget. If you have a modest ad budget, you could get away with a handful of interiors and a few tail ads. Another thing to keep an eye on is the price per ad (including the minimum number of buses).

For example, if you want to display a king ad on a bus, it will be $500 per ad. However, the agency you work with will require a minimum of 10 buses. In total, you will be spending $5000 for those ads.

Be sure to crunch the numbers before you make a decision. Otherwise, you may end up with a small space like an interior ad. It’s not really a bad thing, though.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering the idea of displaying ads in transit, buses may be the perfect solution. Whether it’s outside the bus, inside, or all over it, you have the opportunity to market your business throughout parts of the city.

It’s important that you consider your options and have a strategy in place. Your ads will be visible to a lot of people. Some bus routes will be short and others will be a bit longer.

So be smart about which buses will have the space you need to display your ads. Meanwhile, give your customers the convenience of a small trip by choosing the right buses.

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