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Desiremovies – Download Latest A to Z Bollywood, Hollywood movies

Nowadays, instead of traveling to the theatre, everyone prefers to watch movies and web series on their devices. Desiremovies is the most excellent alternative for those who want to download Bollywood, Hollywood, and TV shows on their laptop or PC.

If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the correct spot. We’ll look at one of the most remarkable instances from Desire movies, a movie download service, in this post. More information from the website Desiremovies2020 will be shared here.

About the Desiremovies

Desiremovies.tools is not a new website for downloading movies. However, it has accelerated the growth of their website. Many movie downloads search for Bollywood, Hollywood, and associated web series have led people to our page in the recent past.

It is the most excellent alternative for anybody looking to download Bollywood, Hollywood, online series, or TV episodes. Desiremovies.com is an illegal movies website where every freshly released illegal movie is published for download. It is also well konown for shahid kapoor movies.

Desiremovies  Homepage

The homepage of this website is different from other movies sites whereas on other websites you can see movies in various categories on the homepage you must know the search button at the top of the page. But here the developers of that site begin in such manner that you can easily find the new features of the site on the homepage itself

The search button on this site will be given  at the right sidebar, and there is no space provided in the left sidebar and it is easy to find all categories movies which are shown on the right sidebar 8k 24 HEVC, UHD 60 HD, UHD 30 HDRIP, FHD 60 WEBRIP, 300 MB Highly compressed bolloywood, Hollywood, Bhojpuri, comedy films, Punjabi, animated cartoon, and all the drams and reality shows come under desire movies categories which are available on the homepage of desire movie

What languages are supported by Desiremovies?

Users may watch Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed, Netflix Series, and Desire movies Web Series in several languages, including Hindi, English, Panjabi movies, Bhojpuri movies, etc.

Information on Desiremovies Apk Download

The mob is a well-known website that leaks movies, TV programs, web series, and other stuff. This website has vast Bollywood and Hollywood films and dubbed and subtitled versions in many languages. It also has an extensive library of South Indian films.

The steps involved in downloading a movie from Desiremovies.

Desiremovies.com is an essential website. Follow the steps below to download movies from this website  effortlessly:

  1. Browser’s first visit to the official Desiremovie website.
  2. You will now see several movie categories.
  3. Alternatively, you may type the title of the movie into the search field.
  4. Now, select your favorite movie poster.
  5. Now, below the poster, click the “Download Now” button.
  6. Select the appropriate format (480p, 720p, or 1080p) from the drop-down menu.
  7. After you’ve decided on a format, click “Download.”
  8. The movie will now begin to download. You may now watch it anytime you want.

What Are the ‘Desiremovies’ Special Features?

desiremovie feature

Desiremovies 2020.com is an illegal movie download website that uploads unauthorized movies. But, before you go to their website, you need to understand how it works.

It operates on a similar idea as Moviesda 2020, Tamilrockers, Movierulz, and others. Also, this website does not have a server for uploading movies and does not enable consumers to download movies straight from their server. They use a third-party server and merely provide a download link on their website.

Even though it is an unlawful website, they are frequently penalized by Google. Despite this, far too many of them have held the same names under several TLDs. As a result, their official web site’s domain name changes regularly.

  • The most recent videos are available on the site’s main page.
  • The most recent managed hosting platform.
  • There is no requirement for users to register or subscribe anywhere.
  • Movies are available in a variety of formats (DVDRip, 360p, Full HD, 1080p).
  • Users may also select the resolution of their chosen movie.
  • The search box makes it simple to locate a video.
  • Movies, online series, TV episodes, and Netflix series are accessible in a variety of languages.
  • There is also a live streaming option available here.

‘Desiremovies’ categories

desiremovie category

Desiremovies 2020 is the finest website for finding various kinds of movies and programmers. They upload all of their stuff across multiple quality levels such as HD, 300MB, and 700MB.

  • Bollywood HD Movies
  • New Hollywood Movies
  • New Bollywood Movies
  • Bollywood MP4 Movies
  • Dual Audio 720p Movies
  • TV shows
  • Animation
  • Hindi dubbed
  • Hollywood 720p
  • 300MB Movies
  • South Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • New Punjabi Movies
  • Marathi Movies
  • Trailers
  • WWE TV

Formats for Desire movies

You may download new or old movies from Desiremovies in the following formats.

  • 360p
  • 480p
  • HD Quality
  • 720p
  • Dual Audio
  • DVDRip

Desiremovies Movie Dimensions

  • 2GB Dimension Movies Or Videos
  • 300MB Dimension Movies Or Videos
  • 1GB Dimension Movies Or Videos
  • 700MB Dimension Movies Or Videos

Is watching Desiremovies legal?

As previously stated, this website  is not a legal website. It’s a website where you may illegally download movies. Desiremovies 2020.com illegally uploads Bollywood, Hollywood, and TV episodes on their website, which is unfair to the producers and illegal.

In addition, film piracy is not a legal and grave offense in India. Piracy is punishable by harsh penalties. Because illegally downloading movies is not a serious offense like uploading to a server or website. However, if you want to download movies from these illicit movies, there is no problem.

Can you download a movie from desiremovies in a legal way?

So my answer is no apart from this. You can also watch pictures for free on many portals. If you want to watch a film in the Android app, I’ve made a list to help you out as well.

  1. Mx player
  2. Airtel Xstream
  3. Vodafone-Play
  4. Jio TV
  5. Netflix
  6. Amazon Prime Video
  7. Tubi TV
  8. Plex

You can watch the movie in all of the above apps. One lets you watch the film for an annual subscription, and some allow you to watch the movie for free.

Does Desiremovies have an Android app?

Everyone is looking for abbreviations these days. When you like something else, you’ll want to keep its shortcuts on your phone. And when people start to like this website more, then they want to download its Android app. But there is no Android app has been developed on this website yet.

One main reason for this is that the website is a piracy movie website. And Google doesn’t endorse hacking websites. For this reason, the Android application on this website will not be published on the Google Play Store.

If you develop the Android application for this website in the future, you can download it yourself from this website. No need to download the app from a third party website

Download Hollywood Movies Dubbed in Hindi from Desiremovies

Hindi Dubbed Film from Hollywood is one of the most popular movies in India. If you want to download Hollywood Hindi Film, we will tell you how to download a movie. There are many movie websites in India, including the Desire Movies website. And where to find Hindi Hollywood movies for download.

Many famous Hollywood movies have been watched and downloaded on this website in the past few months. These movies have been seen on this website in the past few months: The Dark Knight, The Hobbit, The Jungle Book, The Great Wall, The Real Tevar, Thor Ragnarok, and more.

On this website, Hollywood film actors Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Angelina Jolie, all these actors films are downloaded without permission. The only danger on this movie website is that if you download the movie from it, it will be considered a support for the pirated movie website.

Apart from that, a lot of Hollywood web series are uploaded on this website. Those who, according to the owner of this site, can download for free.

New Movies On DesireMovies 2021

latest movies

  • Antim: The Final Truth
  • Hum Do Hamare Do
  • Dybbuk
  • Venom 2
  • Etc.

Alternatives to the Law

There are a few illicit movie download websites available on the internet. They also function in the same way as this website. Before downloading your favorite movies from our website, you should look at the websites listed below.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Hotstar
  • Mx Player
  • HBO
  • Crackle
  • Youtube

Alternatives to Desiremovies that are Illegal



Apne TV





a to z movies












Rdxhd Website



Outdated Desire movies Links

In this category, you will find a complete list of all desire movie links these links are notworking links which was active in the past. This is because the owner of this site will change the connection from time to time for the website’s security. If you want the alternate links, you can refer to the above article

  • Desiremovies pk
  • Desiremovies xyz
  • Desiremovies in]
  • Desire movies co in
  • Desire movies com
  • Desire movies lol
  • 1Desiremovies co in
  • 1Desiremovies pk
  • 3Desiremovies xyz

Is it safe to download movies from Desiremovies?

As we all know, website is not a legal website like Netflix or Amazon Prime Movie Download website; nevertheless, if you still want to download illicit movies from the illegal website, you must follow the guidelines below to remain safe.


It offers a variety of video genres, the site is well-stocked with thousands of amusing stuff, and it is a great torrent destination. Torrent access, on the other hand, is illegal and may put you in hot trouble.


Finally, we’d like to point you that piracy is a serious offense that costs the film’s producer and crew a lot of money. We never suggest that you visit these websites. This material has been published solely for informative reasons, despite Desiremovies 2020s most excellent website for downloading movies.

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FAQ Realated Desiremovies

Q: Quality of videos and movies on the Desire Movies website

Ans. Since the this website offers a variety of quality videos to its users. Zillions of persons visit this website every day and download their favorite videos.

Q: Why is the DesireMovie website blocked?

Ans. The Desire Movie website uploads movies to its website without the permission of its owner and illegally publishes all films on the website.

Q: Has the court taken any action against the Desire film site?

Ans. Yes, for this reason, the this website domain name is changing day by day, and the government has taken appropriate action against this website to ban its domain.

Q: Latest Movies for Free Download, Website

Ans. And why not? DesireMovie can finally download movies from many categories: Hollywood, Bollywood, South, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, etc., for free.

Q: How to download movies from Desire Movie

Ans. Because this site is an illegal pirated movie downloading site. So it wouldn’t be fair to use it, but still

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