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Doraemon Movie in Hindi: Fujiko F. Fujio created the Doraemon manga series. From 1970 through 1996, Shogakukan released 45 tanks on volumes containing the manga’s 1,345 individual chapters. The narrative’s protagonist is Doraemon, an earless robotic cat that travels back in time from the 22nd century to save a little boy called Nobita Nobi.

A media franchise grew out of the comic. In 1973, 1979, and 2005, three anime television programs were adapted. Shin-Ei Animation has also produced and released over forty animated films, including two 3D computer-animated features. Soundtrack CDs, video games, and musicals are just a few of the items and media that have been creating.

Fujiko F. Voyager Japan and AltJapan Ltd worked with Fujio Pro to license the manga series for an English language distribution in North America via Amazon Kindle. In 2014, Disney licensed the anime series for English-language distribution in North America, while LUK International licensed it for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Details of the Doraemon Movie

Written: Fujiko F. Fujio

Published: Shogakukan

Imprint: Tentōmushi Comics

Magazine: CoroCoro Comic and extra Shogakukan children’s magazines

Demographic: Children

Original run: Jan1970 first full story published, June 23, 1996

Volumes: 45

Characters in Doraemon Movie in Hindi

  • Doraemon.
  • Nobita Nobi.
  • Shizuka Minamoto.
  • Takeshi “Gian” Goda.
  • Suneo Honekawa.
  • Dorami.
  • Mini-Doras

More about the Doraemon Movie

Doraemon Movie in Hindi: Doraemon was a critical and commercial success in several Asian nations. The Japan Cartoonists Association Award in 1973 and 1994, the Shogakukan Manga Award for children’s manga in 1982, and the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award in 1997 were among its many honors. It has sold over 170 million copies globally as of 2012, making it the ninth best-selling manga of all time.In addition you can watch doraemon movie on fmovies to

 Doraemon is also one of the most successful media brands of all time. The animated feature series has the most viewers in Japan. The Doraemon character is regarding as a cultural icon in Japan. The country’s Foreign Ministry named him the country’s first “anime ambassador” in 2008. best suspense thriller of Bollywood rustom full movie download pagalworld 

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More Details about Doraemon Movie

Sewashi Nobi, Nobita’s future grandson, sends Doraemon, a cat robot from the 22nd century, to look after Nobita Nobi so that his successors might have a better life. andhadhun full movie youtube Nobita is now a man who consistently fails in class and whose firm goes bankrupt, putting his family and boys in financial jeopardy.

Most Doraemon stories focus around Nobita Nobi, a poor student who is regularly tormented by his two classmates, Takeshi Goda, dubbed “Gian,” and Suneo Honekawa, Gian’s sidekick. Doraemon has a four-dimensional bag in which he keeps random devices that he uses to help Nobita. Doraemon’s devices assist Nobita in overcoming his difficulties, and the two eventually form a bond.

Shizuka Minamoto is Nobita’s closest friend and love interest, and she will ultimately become his wife. In specific episodes, notably in the movies, Gian and Suneo harass Nobita, although they are also depicts as Nobita’s pals. In a typical scenario, Nobita borrows a device from Doraemon and uses it to solve his issues, only to make them worse.

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The Doraemon manga first debuted in Shogakukan’s six children’s monthly magazines in December 1969. The publications were direct towards kids in kindergarten through fourth grade. The comic was first publishes in 1973 in two different journals geared for fifth- and sixth-grade pupils. Doraemon’s flagship magazine, CoroCoro Comic, was first published in 1977.

Since Doraemon’s debut in 1969, the stories have been compiled into 45 tank volumes, released under Shogakukan’s Tentmushi Comics brand from July 31, 1974, to April 26, 1996. Fujio was born in Toyama, Japan, and these volumes are house in the Takaoka Central Library. Shogakukan released five manga volumes under the title Doraemon+ between April 25, 2005, and February 28, 2006, which was not includes in the original forty-five volumes; a sixth volume, the first in eight years, was released on December 1, 2014.

Addition, from July 17, 1999, to September 2, 2006, 119 previously unpublished stories were collected into six colored manga volumes titled Doraemon Kara Sakuhin-shu. Shogakukan released a masterworks collection consisting of twenty books, including 1,345 tales authored by Fujio between July 24, 2009, and September 25, 2012.

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