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Essential Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Smartphone

Essential Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Smartphone – Over the past decade, the tech market has seen the biggest ever boom in smartphones. But with companies releasing new feature smartphones quite often, choosing the best option can be overwhelming. And with an array of options available in the market, it boils down to how you differentiate between a cursory and durable model.

Leading smartphone brands have left no stones unturned in developing the best products, like the impressive HUAWEI P30. Such models epitomise elegance, offering sophisticated features and specifications, making them the top choices among smartphones in the same band.

Here are a few leading questions you can ask the reputable dealer featuring branded smartphones before buying the one that exceeds your expectations:

What Is the Offered Camera Specification?

With everyone active on Instagram, the camera in a smartphone has taken centre stage, making it crucial to look at the offered camera features. Ask about the number of Cameras the model includes in its design and megapixels, to name a few.

You will find branded outlets offering smartphones with Leica Triple 40 MP/16 MP/ 8MP main cameras, with 32 MP front camera and super night mode photography option. Check if you can take brighter and closer pictures with their featured camera.

What Is the Available Display Configuration?

Depending on your phone usage, your display configuration requirements will change. If you usually use your smartphone for browsing purposes, a smaller screen will work. But if you use it for particular purposes, you would require a bigger screen with a high refresh rate.

Leading branded smartphones like HUAWEI P30 present a 6.1″ OLED HUAWEI Dewdrop display. Ask if the design ensures a broader and excellent viewing experience with the perfect hue that appeals to the eye.

What Is the Available Processor Configuration?

A high-end processor is a crucial aspect of any high-performance smartphone. Ask the online store experts about the offered core processor. Check the processing speed in GHz and look for an option that provides a better price to performance ratio.

Renowned names present smartphones with Kirin 980 Octa-core processor and NPUs. Ask if they can show you options with Cortex-A76 to invest in a phone for carrying out your high-speed applications.

What Is the Provided OS Configuration?

Top ranking brands release new smartphones with the latest OS, such as the EMUI 9.1. Ask the OS version the brand provides for the smartphone you intend to purchase and check if it has the specs you wish for your phone. Check with the specialists if the OS will support the new software updates, allowing your smartphone to remain updated during this period.

Confirm if the OS updates would not affect your smartphone’s speed and performance in the future, ensuring you can continue using your phone like earlier.

How Is the Battery Life

If you are always using your smartphone for hours, you would need a model that comes with longer battery life so that you don’t have to charge your phone frequently.

Enquire with the reputable outlet about the battery details and how long you can use the phone before charging it again. Top labels feature smartphones with a 3650 mAh battery. Check if the battery will support applications, whether it’s lighter or highly graphic-intensive.

What Is the Available Memory Space?

When you consider any phone, there is RAM and ROM, the two memory specifications. While the RAM determines the smartphone speed, ROM finds use as an internal storing system. Confirm the offered memory spaces in GB in the specific model you wish to buy.

Reputable brands provide models with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM, which may change due to your usage and updates. Go for the higher memory space option if you typically use your smartphone to store massive data.

Is the Smartphone Water and Dust Resistant?

Industry leaders feature smartphones, such as the HUAWEI P30, that meet classification IP53’s requirements, in line with IEC 60529. They release new models that are tested and certified as water and dust-proof.

Ask the branded dealers if you have to take additional precautions if your phone gets wet and you need to charge it. Enquire if they provide guides as product support to help you know how to handle your new smartphone for optimal performance and an extended lifetime.

Summing Up

Whether it’s for communicating, taking photos, internet browsing or saving documents, a smartphone is the handiest device with all such capabilities and much more.

When you look for a smartphone, ask all relevant questions to the dealer regarding its features and specifications. Ensure you receive the latest accessories with the model you choose, including the latest audio, video, sensor settings and good network connectivity. Rest assured, you will have a super functional smartphone that will look uber cool for years together.

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