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How Are Smartphones Good For Society? 5 Ways to Use

As a non-profit organization, there are specific ways you can encourage your donors to use their smartphones forever. These methods can help your nonprofit to promote philanthropy and altruism in general. In a few different cases, you can even target donors to help the cause your nonprofits are committed to. Ready to start? Let’s dive together.

Use Your Time

Do you know how much of time you spend on your smartphones? The truth might make you uncomfortable. According to The Guardian, people spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes a day on their smartphones. The Guardian further notes that this might not be a massive loss in your daily life, but adds up to 49 days per year that you spend on your smartphones.

What if you learned that you could use your smartphones forever by making small adjustments to the way you spend those 22 hours and 45 minutes a week? Your followers can also benefit from this information. You can use those extra hours to advocate for your cause; Small actions can have a significant impact in the long run. Here are some simple ideas you can share with your nonprofits to help them make positive changes with their mobile devices.

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1) Use A Mobile App That Gives Back To Charity

In the age of apps, the possibilities are endless. With that in mind, the three apps listed below are free and benefit various charities. Make sure your nonprofit is added to the nonprofit list through these apps, and let your followers know how to use them to help your organization meet its fundraising goals.

RoundUp application

With the RoundUp app, funders simply select the nonprofit organization they want to benefit from and link their debit and credit cards. From there, the app will automatically round up your purchases to donate the rest of every dollar to charity. When budgets are tight, users can contribute a certain amount each month by limiting their donations. Make sure your charity shows up as an option in the app.

Next: Reuse for Charity

With apps like forwarding, it’s easy to get donations in kind from supporters. Forward allows users to put any old kinds of stuff they no longer need for charity. All they have to do is take a photo, list the item on forward, find a price, and choose the charity they want to benefit from. From there, anyone who needs the item can select it, donate it to the selected charity, and collect the item. Think of it like Craigslist, only that all proceeds go to charity – great, right? It’s an easy way to make additional donations to your charity.

Charity miles

If your nonprofit audience is typically sports enthusiasts, you’ll want to share charitable miles with them once you’re nonprofit added to the list of recipient charities. Once uploaded, backers, using Charity Miles simply select the charity they would like to benefit from for the miles they walk, run, run, or bike. From there, backers simply open the app every time they exercise, and the funds will add up for your nonprofit. Charity Miles correspond to corporate sponsors who donate an amount for every mile travelled.

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2) Donate To A Supporter Or Start Your Own

Crowdfunding makes it easier than ever for nonprofits to reach their fundraising goals. The tremendous advancements in peer-to-peer fundraising platforms have made it easier for people to start a fundraiser for a charity that they care about. Once backers have selected a charity to fundraise for, they can share their fundraiser with friends and family on social media to get involved. Sponsors can quickly raise money for their cause once their charity registered with the major crowdfunding sites.

3) Take A Charity Walk, Bike Or Run

Signing up for a walk, bike or charity run takes just a few minutes, and attendees can do it right from their smartphones. Help your followers choose the right event for them with the myriad of charity events held each year. Make it incredibly easy for attendees to register for your next charity event by make sure your event registration page is mobile response friendly and easy to find. Don’t forget to encourage sponsors to make an extra impact by starting a peer fundraiser before the event to help raise consciousness and funds for your charity.

4) Program In Time To Volunteer

Most people these days use their phone calendar to keep track of appointments and daily reminders. Though our mobile devices can also use to plan and reserve time for volunteering in the local community. Let your audience know the upcoming events your nonprofit is hosting through social media and email marketing campaigns so they can plan for the next month accordingly.

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5) Register To Vote Or Call Your Resident Representative

Many charities are involved in public policy issues. If your supporters are unable to get involved financially through monetary donations, share the guidelines with your charity. Some charities, like the ACLU, do an excellent job of educating their supporters by hosting a site that helps their supporters get active in their local community.

This could mean writing an email or calling local senators and representatives to let them know how your organization is doing on certain policies. Finally, encourage your supporters to register to vote so they can influence the upcoming local elections.

Turn Screen Time Into A Philanthropic Hobby

If you are a charity looking to stimulate change in younger generations, it is important to find new ways to reach your audience. Share the above ideas with your followers to make sure your spectators know that they can sustenance your charity through a simple app download or text message. If we all spend an hour on our phones each week to make a positive impact on the world. Think of all the social good we could do. From changing law and order to helping the charities that matter most to us, the power is truly in the hands of each and every one of us.

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