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Network Write For Us

Network Write for us: The first thing you’ll probably try to do when you get a new computer is connected to the Internet. You do this by connecting to your router, which receives data from the Internet and then sends it to your computer.

Of course, that’s not all: you can also connect your printer, smartphone, or television to the router to connect them to the Internet. You’ve now constructed your network by clicking different devices on each other via a central access point.

But, exactly, what does that imply?

What exactly is a network?

A network is defined in information technology as the connecting of at least two computer systems via a cable or wireless connection. The most basic network consists of two computers linked by a thread. Each computer can access the other’s data and share resources, including disc space, software, and peripheral devices (printers, etc.). Peer-to-peer networks are the name for this form of network. In this network, there is no hierarchy; both participants have equal privileges.

Today’s networks are a little more complicated and aren’t merely made up of two computers. Client-server networks are commonly used in systems with more than ten players, and a central computer (server) in these networks distributes resources to the other network participants (clients).

Consider your home’s wi-fi network.

Your home’s Wireless LAN (Wireless Local Area Network, or wi-fi network) exemplifies a tiny client-server network. The router, which serves as the household’s central node (server), is wirelessly connected to the numerous devices in your home. The router is part of a much broader network called the Internet.

The devices are part of the network and can utilize the same resource as the server, namely the Internet, because they are linked to the router as clients. Without establishing a direct connection with each device, the devices can communicate. You can send a print job to a Wi-Fi-enabled printer, for example, without first connecting the printer to the computer through a cable.

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