Pitfalls to Avoid When Looking for an SEO Agency

Things to Ignore When Looking for an SEO Agency in Singapore

Singapore has the second-highest internet penetration within the SEA region, standing at 88.4%. An average Singaporean internet user spends about 6.48 hours per day on the web. So it’s not hard to see for most businesses why they should invest in internet marketing and SEO, specifically. What’s hard is choosing the right SEO agency in Singapore that will deliver consistent results. This article explains specific tips that you can use to avoid common pitfalls when hiring an SEO Agency in Singapore.

Hiring an Agency with No Knowledge of Local Demographic

When performing SEO for a website, knowledge of the local audience is extremely important. This is because local searchers, i.e., those located in Singapore, tend to search differently than those located in America or Europe.

Therefore, if the agency has no prior experience in serving Singapore’s demographics, they’ll probably not be able to target keywords properly. Furthermore, there are four primary languages spoken in Singapore: Tamil, Malay, English, and Mandarin Chinese.

Therefore, when hiring an SEO agency for your business, check whether or not they’ve served local clients. It’s even better if the agency has worked for businesses in your city.

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The Promise of Faster Results at Cheaper Rates

Digital ads are getting expensive each passing year. And the main reason for this is increased competition. More businesses, both Singaporean and international, are targeting the same ad space and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position to market their products and services.

Under these circumstances, if an agency promises faster results in a cheaper time, then you should proceed with caution. Also, take into account that SEO is actually a slow process that can take months or even years to start seeing results.

Agencies that offer faster rankings perhaps use black hat techniques. These are penalized heavily by search engines like Google, resulting in your website and business getting blacklisted.

Agency Not offering Customized Packages

Does the SEO agency you’re prospecting sending you a price card and asking you to choose any one of the options? Then it’s not the way good SEO companies operate. This is because one size doesn’t fit all for SEO. If there’s increased competition in one sector, then the price is going to be lower. But in competitive sectors like finance and insurance, competition is high and hence requires more investment.

Not Asking for an Audit Report and RFP

This is something you shouldn’t fail to do. When prospecting an SEO agency in Singapore, you should always ask for a website audit report and RFP. By this, you can ensure that agencies have done some homework on your behalf and are in a better position to help you out. Most agencies offer such reports for free on request. Therefore, there’s nothing to lose.

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Not Analyzing Previous Work

Good agencies aren’t afraid to display their work to the public. You can find the websites on which the agencies have worked on. By going over their “Work Portfolio” section, you’ll have a better understanding of their expertise and skill set. You can also filter out the ones that don’t match your requirements.

By hiring the right SEO agency in Singapore, you can expect better results that drive your business forward.

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