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Preserve Your PDF for Countless Years With This Platform

If you are a person whose nature of daily activity involves navigating through electronic documents and the software that creates them, you probably already know what PDF is. PDF stands for Portable Document Format; it is a file that allows you to transmit raw documents without omitting details and changing any of the formats within that particular document. 

PDF files are undeniably a great help to everyone, especially in the corporate and academe world; accustomed to the constant transmission of files online. However, it runs the risk of being obsolete for the next few years, considering the swift updating of program developers. When it becomes outdated, you would not be able to access the information you have in your PDF

What should you do to make sure that your PDF would not be outdated?

The best solution is to convert PDF to PDFA. PDF/A file is an ISO-standardized version of your PDF, used to preserve your files for long-term use. This means that when you convert your PDF to PDF/A, it will last you hundreds of years, so you would not have to worry about the risk of losing your file because of PDF being an obsolete format. 

You may use software in converting your PDF to PDF/A. However, software could get really costly. Aside from that, it also demands hassle installation and constant updates that are not favorable, especially for people who do not like to waste their time. Hence, we will introduce you to a trustworthy web-based converting platform named GoGoPDF. 

What is GoGoPDF? What are the features that make it stand out from the rest of the converters online?

As mentioned, GoGoPDF is a web-based platform that specializes in converting PDFs into other file formats. Its conversion tool’s capacity also extends to converting different file formats into PDF so that you could convert a PPT to PDF. Also, It has other services to offer, like allowing users to have access to modifying or editing their PDF files. 

Quick Processing and Easy to Navigate

Among the distinct features of GoGoPDF is its quick processing. The website’s creator understands how time should be valued, especially if you are working or studying. Hence, they make sure that in undergoing the process of conversion, you would not have to wait for an extended period of time. In less than three minutes, you will already get the job done. 

Also, it is known for the convenient experience it offers to its users. It is not just because it is a fast-paced website in terms of processing but also because of how the whole platform is set-up. The web developers take into consideration that there might be people who do not have much knowledge on navigating a site, so they designed it to be as simple as possible. 

Cross-platform compatibility and use of cloud storage

Before the website is officially introduced to the public, several tests are run to make sure that GoGoPDF is as universal as it could be. By universal, it meant that it could work without problems in various devices, operating systems, and browsers regardless if they are old versions or they are not used conventionally by the public.

Also, you do not have to worry about your device’s storage being affected in the process of conversion. GoGoPDF is not like software, which consumes your storage space and makes your computer’s performance slow. GoGoPDF is completely done online using cloud storage, so all you have to do is make sure that you have a stable internet connection. 

Sincerity in upholding client’s privacy rights

In this digital age, numerous issues about violations of privacy rights through unauthorized use of personal data, plagiarism, etc. To make sure that the users feel safe in uploading their files to the server, the privacy policy includes the use of top-notch encryption tools to avoid breaches. Also, your files will be deleted from the server an hour after the process completion. 

How to convert your PDF to PDF/A using GoGoPDF?

The steps are pretty straightforward. The first thing to do is upload your file to the server by dragging it to the conversion box or selecting it straight from your device. After doing so, the website will start to scan and convert your PDF; all you have to do is wait patiently. In a few whiles, the website will render the final version of your PDF ready for download or sharing. 


In the advent of technology, innovation has been the norm. Hence, every day, updates are done to several programs, software, systems, etc. For this reason, nothing is permanent. Well, except only if you convert your PDF to PDF/A. It is guaranteed that it will last you for so long as it is useful to you. Thanks to GoGoPDF, you can avail this service for cheap. 

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