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Convert your Excel Files to PDF: Quick and Easy Steps with GoGoPDF

Converting our essential files to PDF makes them secure from unauthorized access. With the GoGoPDF converter, we can immediately transform any type of file to PDF and vice versa. Luckily, GoGoPDF and their service are available online so that we could use them anytime and anywhere. 

There are many advantages to a PDF type of file. One of the benefits is we could avoid inevitable conflicts and errors like viruses or uploading a file with large size. Also, PDFs are more readable and understandable. Here, we will see how easy to transform our files into PDF.

Converting Excel to PDF

Excel is powerful and helpful in data analysis and documentation. Excel is composed of data organized for calculating to gather the information that needs to be interpreted in a certain way. There are mini-programs written in a spreadsheet called macros that viruses sometimes attach to it. To avoid this, we convert our excel to PDFs.

Converting Excel to PDF with GoGoPDF is simple. The first is to select the Excel spreadsheet that we want to be converted to PDF or by dragging and dropping the files to their system. Then, it will be analyzed and will be turned into a PDF. Once done, the newly PDF file will be available for download or be sent to Dropbox or Cloud.

GoGoPDF Other Services

There are numerous tools that we could utilize with GoGoPDF. There is a Compression tool where we could minimize the size o our PDF files for easier upload. Also, there is a Repair tool where we could fix any corrupted files. There is also a Merging tool where we could combine several PDFs into one instead of storing multiple PDFS, or a Splitting tool to separate a PDF into two or specific pages into a different PDF.

We could also unlock a PDF or add a password to our documents to be secured. One of the tools available is to add an electronic signature or a watermark giving our documents ownership and avoid stealing our information and essential files and protecting our contents.

GoGoPDF also has a tool where we could send or share a document. Since there is a limitation in the file size in emails we can upload, we could send out emails as big as 5GB by using their platform. Now, we can send and upload files fast, secure, and comfortable.

About GoGoPDF

GoGoPDF is an online platform where users could edit, create, or scan a PDF file. There are at least 20 tools that we could utilize on their system to enhance our work productivity and improve our documents. Students have used GoGoPDF, as well as employees, people in business, etc.

GoGoPDF is available anytime and anywhere. We could use it on any major Operating System, such as iOS, Windows, Android, or Linux. And on any type of devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. They are making it accessible to anyone that wishes to make their work better.

GoGoPDF PRO Membership

There are numerous advantages in subscribing to a Pro Membership with GoGoPDF. The first is that we can have unlimited access to their tools, so you don’t have to worry about our PDF files’ needs as we can convert or edit or compress PDF files as many times as we want.

Also, we can do multiple tasks simultaneously. There is unlimited storage for our files; with this, we can save more space for our discs. Another great thing is there are no annoying ads like those unskippable videos that interrupt our work. Lastly, we are prioritized by their customer support, so whatever problem we might face could help us troubleshoot it quickly.


By using GoGoPDF, we are now working smart and working better than we used to. It dramatically impacts our work productivity, especially in today’s fast-changing working environment where almost everything is online. Let’s take their platform as an opportunity to lessen the things we do like compiling, or organizing the files that probably take much of our time.

The platform is an ideal system for everyone that intends to make their job uncomplicated. Plus, the tools are available for free while maintaining the files’ quality and having not to worry about security since all the files that we upload on their system are deleted after an hour, making it a trusted partner for our essential documents. So if you think this would greatly help your work productivity, GoGoPDF is for you.

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