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RAM – Random-access memory is the main memory of a computer. It is what holds the active program files you are running at the second and any open data files. It is helpful for Processing data and running programs. Random-access memory is a form of laptop and computer data storage That stores data and machine code presently being used. While talking of RAM, you may have noticed that our PC mobiles have substantial internal storage compared to the RAM. To give you a rough estimate, RAM is high-speed memory, and the cost of making 1GB RAM is equivalent to 16 to 32 GB.

What factors have contributed to the slowdown in RAM capacity growth?

RAM capacity growth has slowed down because larger memory modules have lower bandwidth. This is because more registers need to be accessed every cycle. For example, an 8GB DDR3 stick at 1866MHz has a bandwidth of 10GB/sec, while a 4GB DDR3 stick at the same 1866MHz has a bandwidth of 12.6GB/sec.

This reduced bandwidth is essential for gaming PCs, which need high bandwidth per module for good performance. Servers and workstations can overcome this by using more memory channels, but this is not an option for most gaming PCs.

Another reason for the slowdown in RAM capacity growth is that the average user does not need that much RAM. Most users only need 8GB of RAM for basic web browsing and word processing tasks. Power users such as video editors and gamers rarely need more than 32GB of RAM.

As a result, there is less demand for high-capacity RAM modules. Manufacturers are, therefore, less incentivized to invest in developing new technologies that would allow them to create larger RAM modules with higher bandwidth.

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