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Significance Of IPv4 Address Leasing

The availability of public IPv4 addresses is extremely restricted, for most companies these days. But before we know about what should be done to help mitigate the IPv4 address shortage, let’s look at how we can get over here.

To uniquely recognize a device on the IP network, such as the public internet, Internet Protocol (IP)addresses were invented. An IP address consists of a 32-bit number space that is broken into four octets (1 octet=8 bit). Approximately 4.3 billion specific address combinations together make up an IPv4. No one had an idea that the world of the internet would develop to this extent which we are experiencing now when IPv4 was defined for the first time in 1980. Have the people of the time where they had no proper IP address ever dreamt that of smartphones, wearables, and drones that we are experiencing now.

In 1994, there was an approaching IP addressing issue, and began the development of the new internet protocol version, IPv6 was identified by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). While the 32-bit addressing of IPv4 provides for approximately 4.3 B addresses, IPv6 ‘128-bits provides -340 undecillion specific addresses, the sheer size of this number is almost unfathomable.

We are moving across the fastest move towards the deployments, and the future is IPv6. Though we are well aware that IPv6 is the future, here we would be discussing more the shortage of the available IPv4 addresses that we face at the present days and also how an organization can take over them at the fastest and a reasonable price, so that they can meet their present and future needs.

How can IP address leasing be helpful to overcome the IPv4 shortage?

IP addresses are persuaded globally by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and five regional internet registries (RIRs) that have designated territories for assignments to the local internet registries (LIRs), like that of Internet service providers and other large users.

IPv4 addresses are broken down into two categories: Provider Independent (IP) and Provider Aggregable (PA). To be brief enough, PI addresses can be displaced between ISPs, but this does not apply to PA addresses. The keen focus of the IP leasing market is on PI addressing. PA PI addresses are assigned by their ISP for most individuals and small to medium groups of business. By RIRs, any company can assign its blocks of IP addresses but large companies can get them the easier way. Blocks of the purchased PI IP address by ISPs and private companies can lease them to an individual or other companies.

The London-based IP lease, monetization, and management service provider, Heficed, offers a unique IP address market platform where businesses can lease IPv4 addresses, that is public, from Heficed and other companies. Through Heficed’s marketplace, an organization can monetize its excess and unused IPv4 address inventory by giving them for lease to other businesses. This will be helpful for the business of the whole category of sizes to access the IP addresses on their basic needs, at reasonable prices and without expending more money.

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IP address leasing scales business growth and resiliency

The first-ever company to make millions of IPv4 addresses available to all customers, enabling companies with limited capacity to fasten scale-up their IP infrastructure locally, regionally, and internationally is Heficed.

Businesses can be leased from as little as a single host address or as large as /16. Leasing of the IP address is indefinite they can be every month for internet, cloud, or any situation in which public IPv4 addresses are needed. We also have a choice to choose to address from any of the RIRs without the need to have a presence in that region or an account with the RIR.

Heficed leases 16-bits and 32-bits Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) and even IPv6, in addition to IPv4, addressing. There is also high hype for IPv6 addressing. Management and control for the IP addresses are provided by the Heficed, that are taken under lease:

It passionately monitors abuse reports from all subnets in the IP Marketplace.

  • The respective teams who are assigned contact the IP owners and also the IP user to look into any issue that may come up.
  • He fixed self-regulation monitors all the subnets to make sure there are no rouge or hacked addresses.
  • Heficed can SWIP (Shared Who is Project) or the sub-delegate leased IP prefixes as needed.

Internet access fastening at the affordable price

Today’s businesses are looking for quick and easy ways to enable remote workers to use the best software for work management to more easily access cloud-based online productivity and collaboration platforms such as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. The IPv4 scarcity has had its impact on hindering generation improvement and restricting operational expansion, stated Vincentas Grinius, CEO of Heficed. We advanced the IP Address Market to help groups in overcoming the venture and offer them the much-wished IPs. That’s why we’re enthusiastic about providing clients with greater possibilities to scale their ventures.

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