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The Importance of Proper Web Hosting for Your Website

Nowadays, almost every business and even individuals have a website. People today browse countless websites on a daily basis. Some do so to find news or information while others shop for products and services.

That said, modern websites are able to withstand a lot of traffic and provide consumers with an exceptional experience in the process. The secret is in proper web hosting. Without proper web hosting websites would be sluggish and glitchy. Just imagine a new online casino opening up without reliable web hosting.

Visitors would be bouncing off left and right as soon as they land on the home page. That’s why web owners cannot afford to neglect the importance of reliable web hosting for their websites. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why proper web hosting is important for your website.

What is proper Web Hosting, exactly?

As you may already know, hosting services come in various forms. The main reason is that hosting providers want to provide suitable solutions for any budget. For example, shared hosting is the cheapest solution you can find.

It means that your website and many others share the resources of a single server. As you can imagine, shared resources are not a good idea if you want optimal website performance and functionality.

On the other hand, dedicated or cloud-based hosting means that you have server resources all for yourself. You can even add more computing power to suit your needs if you’re using cloud-based hosting. Therefore, proper web hosting means having enough resources that will ensure that your website is operating as efficiently as possible.

Website Speed and Page Loading Time

As mentioned before, proper web hosting is essential for website performance. That includes adequate website speed and page loading time. Consumers today don’t tolerate slow websites and pages that take too long to load.

Even a single second delay than what the consumers are expecting will make them bounce off of your website. This can mean loss of revenue, bad reputation, customer outrage and many more inconveniences and problems that can easily be avoided by having a proper web hosting plan.


Every website needs to be maintained and updated regularly. Imagine going offline for a couple of days to sort such things out. You can’t afford to be offline that long. Web hosting providers usually guarantee 99.99% uptime with their dedicated and cloud-based hosting plans.

What that means is your website will be maintained and updated while continuing to function properly. Your customers or visitors won’t even notice that something is happening in the background. The time when actual downtime would occur is when something has to be fixed and even then your website would be down for a few minutes tops.

Backup and restore

Proper web hosting comes with efficient backup and restore solutions. In other words, your website and all the files, documents and elements have a proper backup in case of an emergency.

In case of a critical failure or a data breach, for example, your website would be down for good if you don’t have a backup ready. This way, your hosting providers can simply restore your website to the moment prior to the issue.

That means no downtime and no problems that would otherwise take too long to fix. This feature is vital for everyone who has a website running for whatever reason. Imagine what a disaster it would be for a popular eCommerce store to go down due to some error or bug. That shop’s customers would outraged and they would never shop there again.

Closing Words

Proper web hosting is of vital importance for website owners. If your website isn’t functioning well enough or if it isn’t fast enough, you won’t have much use for it. A proper web hosting plan may cost more but it’s an investment that’s often necessary to run a highly-functional and reliable website.

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