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The Remarkable Watch Brand For Everyone

A timepiece brand exceptional for its accuracy and remarkable style is hard to find. Although there are more than hundreds of thousands of timepieces available for you to browse, the right watch is still hard to find. One Swiss company, the watchmaker, is known for its remarkable designs and exceptional accuracy.

History of the Remarkable Timepiece Brand

The founder of this watch shop was Georges Favre-Jacot; he started this watch company in 1865; the founder was twenty-two years old when he started his own company. The company started in Le Locle, Switzerland; It was officially called Zenith in 1911. Zenith was a unique timepiece.

When he started his company, other timepiece makers worked from different workshops and factories throughout the city. They relocate parts from their location to the location of the master watchmaker for its final assembly.

But the founder of the watch brand Zenith unites the watchmakers in one location. He also created the first modern manufacture in history. The decision of combining the watchmakers, the Zenith watchmakers produce most of the accurate timepieces in the world with the help of their research and teamwork in developing watches.

In 1899, the Zenith watchmakers introduced their first pocket Chronograph. In 1990 the founder won a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, and in the 20th century, the Zenith watchmakers workshop grew. Also, In the year 1948, Zenith was famous for its Calibre 135. This movement receives two hundred thirty-five awards.

El Primero de Zenith

In the 1960s, Zenith showcases their exceptional accuracy in making timepieces. They introduced the Calibre 501 1K; this movement was famous for its breakthrough accuracy; they also used this movement to power the Marine Chronometers, Pocket watches, and even the table clocks.

It was in the year 1969 when the watchmaker Zenith introduced their remarkable El Primero. It was the first unified movement that is Automatic Chronograph. Up to this date, the El Primero is still the world’s most accurate series-made caliber; it is also the only caliber that can measure short times up to the tenth of a second.

In the 1970s, a new crisis began called the Quartz Crisis. It disturbs the Swiss watchmakers. At this time, the parent company of Zenith ordered them to create Quartz timepieces that are exclusive to them so they can still compete.

But one of the watchmakers, namely, Charles Vermont, feared that the order would destroy the zenith company if they followed the order. He then hid the plans and tools that were crucial and was essential to create the mechanical calibers of Zenith.

He kept these crucial documents and the materials up until the year 1984. After Vermont revealed his hiding, the Zenith watchmakers started to create the El Primero Calibers again.

Well known timepieces of Zenith

The Zenith El Primero Chronograph is the most famous timepiece they have created; This model has an ideal style and excellent quality. It has robust craftsmanship that will surely amaze you.

The Zenith included materials like the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, this watch is also stainless steel, and they also use alligator leather. The sundial colors were blue, black, gray, and silver. They also use valuable metals.

El Primero Chronomaster, this model has a skeleton design. Instead of having a three sub-dial style. Those who love skeleton will surely love this style as it gives you the frame’s aesthetic.

Pilot this timepiece is exceptional in many different ways. You will be impressed with the aesthetic this watch has. They are minimalist. Zenith also created this watch to have significant and much easier numbers to read. Even though you are feet away, you can still read the digits in it.

Elite, this is probably the proof of Zenith that they create quality timepieces. The pilot model is one of the excellent Chronographs of Zenith. This timepiece is minimalist, yet it is also elegant. This watch is also customizable. Zenith will surely give you what you need in a watch style.

El Primero Defy is the expansion of the two El Primero. The entire dial of this timepiece is visible. Instead of using stainless steel for this watch, the Zenith watchmakers use ceramic or titanium for this timepiece. Despite having differences with El primero, it still gives you a quality watch.


Some collectors believe that collectors cannot complete their watch collections if they don’t have watches that have excellent complications. El Primero is one of the best looks that offers exceptional difficulty. They also create alerts that provide quality.

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