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The Ultimate Buyers Guide to Your First Daytona

Rolex Daytona grew popular in the watchmaking industry for its never-ending quest for innovation and luxurious designs. Over the years, Rolex has released a variety of watch collections, each owning its functionality and design. However, among them, one reigned supreme as a collector’s favorite.

What Makes Daytona Popular?

Rolex Daytona watches are the only chronograph timepieces in Rolex. They manufacture with a self-winding chronograph that simultaneously shows the measured elapsed time and the display time. Furthermore, it can function as a stopwatch.

The watches in the Daytona collection are equipped with 3 sub-dials which are positioned near the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock mark, each serving a different elapsed time. The sub-dial placed near the 3 o’clock features 30 elapsed minutes while the 6 o’clock sub-dial tells elapsed seconds. The 9 o’clock sub-dial features up to 12 elapsed hours.

Aside from Daytona’s time-telling functions, their chronometers are COSC certified. This proves that Daytona watches are proven to be precise and accurate under several conditions. Furthermore, these watches are famous among drivers for the tachymeter scale equipped on the bezel.

Aside from its functionalities, Daytona watches always catch onlookers by surprise with their unique designs and materials that oozes luxury. As highly coveted watches among other Rolex models, Daytona replicas can be found anywhere. To spot the real Daytona, we have listed down important features and tips.

How to Spot a Real Daytona?

If you are ready to spend your hard-earned money on a Daytona watch, make sure you have the real deal. You can follow these quick and easy points to know the difference between the fake and the authentic Rolex Daytona watches.

Close to Perfection Details

If you have a keen eye for perfection and small mishaps on details, you can use those skills to your advantage on your quest to purchase your very first Daytona. Always check the font and text on the dial. They should equally spaced and the lettering should be clean. If it shows to crook or have missing pieces, the watch model you have may be a fake one.

Next, you have to check the lugs of Daytona watches. The serial and model numbers engraved on the lugs. To make sure they are the real deal, they should be engraved properly without oddities or missing numbers or letters.

Silent Second Hand

Most people think a silent second hand is equivalent to having a sweeping second hand. For Rolex Daytona watches, their second hand has a ticking movement like other traditional watches. With that said, do Daytona watches produce a ticking sound as well? They don’t.

Similar to other Rolex watches, the second hand in Daytona watches are made to be silent. If you place a Daytona watch near your ear, the ticking sound should be inaudible. If a loud ticking noise is produced, it is possible that what you have on your hands are fake Daytona watches.

Sophisticated Micromechanics

Daytona watches are equipped with a triplock system, making them water-resistant. To check this feature out, you can ask the seller to pull out the crown. The black rubber gasket must show at the end of the crown.

Furthermore, Daytona watches are not manufactured to work on quartz. All Rolex watches have a mechanical self-winding movement, allowing minimizing the sounds created by the watch’s hands. To check the movement, let a certified watchmaker open the watch for you.

People love Daytona watches for their chronograph function and you should check them out too. Take a closer look and see if the subdials  evenly separated from each other and the hour markers. Aside from spacing, the subdials must be of the same size. Also, try checking the pushers if they function properly.

What Daytona Watch Should You Get?

The beauty of Daytona watches is that you can configure them according to material and design. If you are going for a less costly Daytona model, you can buy their steel watch models with steel bezels. These models cost around 20,000 USD.

If you love the silver finish of the steel Daytona watches with a luxurious touch, you can purchase their white gold watch models. Moreover, Rolex offers a two-toned and yellow gold Daytona watch. You can either choose a  diamond and pearl dials to complete your customized Rolex Daytona watches.

Rolex also released Daytona watches to cater to their feminine audience. The Rose Gold Daytona emits a pinkish color fit for every occasion. It is best pair with a diamond or go all wild with colors with a rainbow bezel.

Take Away

The Rolex Daytona collection is one of the best chronograph watches in the world and has well-recognized as a watch born to race by professional auto racers. Get your very own Daytona watch today and conquer speed with luxury.

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