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Vital Tips To Make Your Video Viral on Social Media – The Organic Way

Before we get to address the most critical question in your head right now – How to Make a Viral Video, let us frame a little background with an example. Suppose you are the owner of some company and meet up with your friend at a restaurant. He asks you if you have seen this new video going viral on social media.

Now, when you check the video for yourself, you realize that the video in question has more than two million views in only two days. It will 100 percent get you into thinking, can you ever get that mass following for your company? If yes, how? You do not think anything and instruct your team to look at this viral video and create a video. Now, you and the team are just hoping for the video to go viral. 

Of course, you made a video that modelled another viral video’s success story, but will your video go viral? There is no guarantee. It is because you considered a single factor for video creation.

To make a video viral, you need to employ all the factors correlated with a video, which went viral. Though the video’s success and virality are not absolute, there are a few practices that you can implement to spike your chances of making your video viral. 

How Does A Video Become Viral? – The Basis

Jenny, the brand manager of a company offering assignment help Australiasays that recently a video of theirs hit 3 million views. However, they are still figuring out what made it so huge. If truth be told, we have seen many brands faced with this dilemma. It has led us to conclude that there is no one thing, which makes the video go viral. There are too many social media planner template and way too many unknown factors involved, which help you target your audience.

Regardless of the high-degree complexity, there is no way to predict which video will go viral. However, there are certain aspects, which are common in most viral videos. What are these? Let us take a look at these factors one by one. 

Strong Emotional Connect

Whether your viral video is infuriating, affordable, or funny, it became viral because when the viewers saw it, they had a visceral reaction to your video. Danny, a brand associate with EduWorldUSAsays that, in his view, their video became viral because it depicted an experience, which was probably very relatable.

Well, yes, when a video is relatable, it creates a ripple effect of shares and retweets, and hence the reach is more. Consequently, the video becomes viral. 


Internet is full of content. See, as much as the demand is high, the supply is adequate too. So, when people have so much to watch, they are less likely to watch videos, which last over a minute or two.

Most of the videos that go viral are not over thirty-seconds. So, to make your video viral, you need to create smaller videos. 


Today social media has, in a way, overshadowed traditional journalism across the world. Consequently, more and more people are turning to social media to get their share of news. It is, for this reason, that a lot of viral videos pertain to the current happenings. When a person comes across a video, which details or presents an incidence, which is prevalent, they will compel to share it with their friend circle. So, making a video on the current happenings or something relevant to people regardless of when it happened has a greater chance of being viral. 

Encapsulating Thumbnail

Before people click the play button on the video, they will see the picture on your thumbnail. Thus, you need to pick an attractive thumbnail, which draws people’s attention to your content. There are specific platforms, which allow you to customize the thumbnail. You can take a screenshot from your own video and personalize it by adding some graphics or text to it. 

Of course, specific videos go viral following a non-organic and carefully considered marketing push. Influencer sharing, social media ads, paid promotions are a few prominent, non-organic ways to make your video go viral, shares Diana, who works with TopAssignmentExpertsThough these non-organic routes are hugely popular, there is no guarantee that they will pay off and your video will go viral. So, regardless of how heavily marketed your video is, it may or may not go viral.

Thus, the ideal route to take is following a mix of both organic and non-organic factors, and then there is a good chance that your video will go viral. 

Video Platforms Where You Post

Another factor that plays a significant role in determining whether your video will go viral or not is where you post it. There are some popular choices that you use. These include YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo. They all have different styles of videos. So, having a following and pushing your video on all these platforms can be incredibly helpful. 

So, above, we have seen a few of the most pivotal ways to make your video viral. We hope and believe that if you follow these listed aspects to the T, there is a good chance that your brand video will see success on social media.

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