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Top UX Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

New web design trends emerge every year. It is because top designers carefully create and test promising practices that can revolutionize user experience. When you offer any services in an eclectic city like Austin, your website should stand out. Digital solutions from a full-service web development company like UPQODE Web Design Austin can help you achieve this. The latest UX design trends will keep you ahead in the market and bring more leads.

If you wonder what trends to follow, here are the top ones that can rule 2021:

Mobile-First Approach

The world around you has increased digital usage for the past year. Currently, in Austin, around 96% of people use cell phones. The City of Austin official website’s reports state that 83% of those mobile devices are smartphones.

It implies that a growing number of individuals make mobile phones their first source to consume information. They offer more personal ways of connecting and are highly accessible at any given time. Hence, it is not enough to have your website optimized for computers alone.

Furthermore, making the site look the same on mobile as on desktop will not cut it. Nowadays, you need to design concepts based on mobile interfaces with responsive functionalities—for instance, single finger usage to avoid zooming, pinching, etc. But if you will be using any of the top eCommerce website builders, this will not be a concern or problem at all to you. As many of these site builders enhanced this mobile feature approach regularly.

Use of Voice SEO

The current time is the age of voice speakers, digital assistants, and smart homes. It is also another new occurrence of the ever-growing popularity of mobile devices.

Suppose you are driving down Anderson Mill Road and need directions to the nearest departmental store. You simply activate voice search without taking your hands off the wheel. Likewise, it is easier to understand the results when they are in voice prompts.

Around 77% of consumers prefer touchless interfaces and voice commands. Experts predict that by 2022, smart speakers will contribute to almost $40 million in shopping revenue. Hence, in 2021, specialists like UPQODE Web Design in Austin emphasize integrating voice commands and voice-activated interfaces.

Microcopy and Mobile UX Writing

One reason why people from across the country move to Austin is this city’s attitude towards innovation. Aptly nicknamed the “Silicon Hills,” Austin, TX, is a favorable place for startups. Furthermore, the city’s culture and lifestyle are beyond conventional settings.

The same has translated to how you present your content in web UX design. Gone are the days where anything was too formal and grammatically correct. Specifically, when you are writing for mobile users and millennials, casual dialogue makes them comfortable.

Hence, Microcopy, the tiny piece of content that is a concealed part of UX, has come to the forefront. Try to pass the local lingo and a little humor to make it more conversational. For example, stop displaying the generic error messages. Instead, say something in a friendly tone.

In short, avoid:

  • Unclear and confusing words
  • Verbose or misguided information
  • Non-empathetic and non-engaging content

Gamification and Infographics

Game mechanics and data visualization can help increase user engagement and conversion rates. You can also retain your old customers by offering them some excitement and curiosity when they perform certain tasks.

Suppose you own chain stores in Hyde Park and surrounding places in Austin. You can notify your customers about rewards, cashback, badges they earned, etc., with gamification. It helps achieve transparent communication and trust in the users.

Add more tasks to complete to win more benefits, such as a monthly challenge to purchase “n” number of items. It is possible to motivate customers to interact more with your application.

AI and AR

Top-rated businesses already use AI-based (Artificial Intelligence) technologies in web interfaces. They make your site more accessible for different audience segments. Particularly for physically challenged users, such AI features can improve their independence. Not just in Austin but worldwide, only 1 in 10 individuals in need is using assistive technologies.

Using AI reduces the gap between machine interfaces and your potential customers. You can implement language translation, image recognition, information summarizer, and other AI-driven UX services.

Another technology that can transform UX design is Augmented Reality (AR). It combines real-world data and interactive elements to offer practical solutions. This can include anything from floating banners to animations and product placement. You can also add a 360° video to motion graphics and provide live and geolocation experiences.

The Future of Web Design

As tricky as the predictions can be, one thing is clear – web design in Austin will get more ethical. Approach a reputed web design service near you to create an appropriate yet trendy website and attract potential clients.

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