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UTube – Complete YouTube Downloader and Player App

Utube offers a single interface to manage your favorite YouTube videos and music.

These days, mobile students have faster access to high quality, ubiquitous web services. Online students increasingly use UTube as a video clip server. UTube provides authentic and timely everyday English materials used by ordinary people. This, of course, is also the challenge. Students may enjoy watching these clips, but the poor sound quality, pronunciation, and jargon can make these short videos even more challenging to understand. On the flip side, students drawn to the “real” nature of these videos. By providing context for these short videos, you can help your students explore a world of online English learning opportunities. Brown, J.D. (1997).

The YouTube Story:

In Feb 2005, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim founded YouTube with the domain name http://www.youtube.com. The website was created as a forum for users to create and share short video clips online. A year later, Google bought YouTube for $ 1.65 billion. How popular is YouTube now? Remember, there are more than two billion views every day (YouTube Facts and Figures). Besides, 51 percent of YouTube viewers visit YouTube weekly, and 52 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds frequently share videos with other people (YouTube Fact Sheet).

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Main Features are:

  • Play YouTube in selected format/quality combinations.
  • With the support of audio players and queues, the application behaves like an audio player.
  • Download YouTube videos in various combinations of video and audio quality and format.
  • Search all of YouTube and filter your search results.
  • Utube comes with an integrated video player (no Flash, native player with support for hardware acceleration thanks to MPV).
  • Create your media library for offline playback.
  • Multiple downloads, separate support for audio/video downloads.
  • Youtube tracks recommendations for each video.
  • Support for audio lyrics.
  • Allows audio to be saved while buffering / playback saves bandwidth.
  • Audio exports are audio to MP3 with meta tags and album art.
  • Useful application and simple interface with support for dynamic themes.
  • In-app shortcuts for faster navigation.
  • Fast, easy, and without ads, without glitches.

Youtube Benefits:

  1. YouTube is a powerful personal branding implement that allows you to use your images and links on your website.
  2. It’s the best way to be discovered by your target market.
  3. People love to watch videos. Video gives your readers/customers a chance to see what you have to offer. About 65% ​​of the population learns or responds to visual information methods.
  4. It is an effective form of free advertising. Your YouTube page allows you to advertise worldwide without spending a penny.
  5. YouTube can help your website go viral. Viewers have the option to share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Digg, and others.
  6. Allow others to share your videos and embed your video on their website.
  7. Increase your chances of appearing in search engine search results because Google owns YouTube and they work together.
  8. Your video may occur as a suggestion in other videos related to your video.
  9. It is the third most visited website, according to Alexia.
  10. Over 2 billion visits a day.
  11. The average person can spend about 15 minutes a day on YouTube.
  12. Over 3 million people are online sharing the videos on at least one primary social networking site.
  13. You can comment on videos on your YouTube channel, which will increase traffic to your medium. Subscribe to and comment on videos related to your niche.
  14. People can subscribe to you and will notify you every time you upload a video.

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uTube Video Downloader

You can download this App from Microsoft Store with below Link

Download Here

UTube Release Notes:

Revision No. 17:

Extra option to open audio and video download directories.

Now you can delete downloaded videos from the video download page.

Revision No. 20:

We added the ability to export audio to MP3 with meta tags and album art.

Faster theme switch in dynamic theme mode.

UI fixes.

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