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5 Ways That AI Has Helped With Professional Sports Training

Professional Sports Training: When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, the central concept of the invention is to get programs to think the way humans do, make similar decisions, and leave the actual human equation out of said decisions. This involves human face and voice recognition for the most part but also includes recognition of human movement when it comes to sports analysis. The better the technology, the better the training programs can be. In recent years AI has been introduced to a number of competitive and professional sports to lend a helping hand in training and ultimately becoming champions of the game.

VAR (Video Assistant Referees)

One of the greatest new assistants in AI tech is VAR which has been successfully tested in Association Football in recent years. VAR essentially uses cameras throughout a stadium that cover the entire game and monitor every player’s moves and location on the field. The AI used in these games has been created to give more fair and balanced decisions, based on the input provided. Each team has the information provided to them and coaches and players can use this to help in training going forward. This sort of tech seems to be the way of the future and is likely to be implemented by more sporting chains in order to work with coaches and players when training and planning for future games.

Even FIFA President Gianni Infantino had a positive response to the use of VAR and has allowed it to be used in all future matches under strict supervision to keep the sport as fair as possible.

Performance Analysis

AI can provide coaches with much-needed information about their players to create working plays based on their performance. Anything that can watch an individual player and assess their strengths and vulnerabilities is something that is titular to creating and maintaining a successful team. AI analysis can also give an insight into how opponents operate and therefore give a team either an upper hand or at the very least an insight as to their strategies so measures can be taken to best the adversary. It has greatly enhanced the AFL finals odds by simply being subjective in its analysis. This is one of the reasons why AI is being utilized these days by major teams as it has had a positive and fair outcome when it comes to player training.

Health and Fitness

The most important part of a competitive sport is the health and fitness of the players. Sometimes a player may play down an injury or brush it off as something that can be ignored, but AI, in its extreme form, can tell if an athlete is injured more than they are letting on. There is no shame in being injured and players will want to contribute the best they can but AI can determine if this is to the detriment of the player or the game.

Actively ascertaining the way an athlete is performing is paramount to a competitive team no matter what sport it is. AI can be used to analyze players and determine their level of fitness as well as how productive they can be in the future. With this sort of information going forward, coaches and teams as a whole can make informed decisions that will be the best for their respective teams based on the information that AI can ultimately conclude.

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