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6 Vital Things to Check Before Buying a Pulse Oximeter

Ever thought about why this little non-invasive device called “pulse oximeter” has gained popularity lately? You guessed it right – the COVID pandemic had a major role to play in it.

A pulse oximeter is a modern medical marvel that measures a person’s oxygen level and pulse rate at any given point in time. Interestingly, it is so easy to use that even a child can operate it if needed. Not that we recommend it! You simply need to put it over any of the patient’s fingers and wait for a few seconds to check the reading on the pulse oximeter.

Even though there was a sudden spike in demand for pulse oximeters during the pandemic, many are still oblivious of what to check before buying one. In the coming sections, we will highlight the five most important things that you must check before buying a pulse oximeter for yourself. So, buckle your belts for the interesting information!


The purpose of buying a pulse oximeter is to determine the patient’s oxygen level and pulse rate, but you do want it to be accurate, don’t you? With the rise in demand for this magical device, there are numerous players in the market. However, it is recommended that you only make purchases from popular brands and manufacturers that assure accurate results.


An amazing feature added to the modern pulse oximeters is the water-resistance capability. It helps to make the device durable and last longer. However, not all models would be equipped with this feature. Therefore, you must check if the device that you are planning to purchase has water resistance or not.


When the device calculates the readings, it should display the same on the small screen on the oximeter itself. Some of the latest pulse oximeters come with a low decibel buzzer. Do check if the product has this feature if you need it for your device.

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Requirement Additional Accessories

If you need standardization on sensors throughout your medical facility with a mixed inventory of pulse oximeters, you would need more fixtures. Additional accessories like scp 10 compatible adapter cable are sometimes needed and prove to be helpful. Do check for such requirements before you purchase the pulse oximeter.


Never forget the check the feedback of past clients who have purchased the oximeter. It will help you get insight into how their experience with the product and this would help you decide whether you should go ahead with its purchase or not. You can check these reviews on the company’s website on the online portals.


Price is also one of the most important factors that must be considered before purchasing a pulse oximeter. Since the availability of this product has increased considerably and has numerous brands as manufacturers, you can expect to get a great deal if you do just a little bit of research.

Final Thoughts

A pulse oximeter is one of the most impressive gifts from medical science to the world. It is used in hospitals and sometimes even at homes for patient care and monitoring of health vitals. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this write-up and find it useful.

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