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7 Tips for making the Perfect Maintenance Manager Resume

You are familiar with asset management and you know to use the equipment. You also have leadership qualities that are required to manage people and you are good at decision making and critical thinking too!

Make a one-page killer maintenance resume that has a combination of both hard and soft skills! According to the website zippia.com, there are over 309,739 Maintenance Managers employed in the United States.

A perfectly made resume will not only impress the future employer but also land you a decent job. 

It is not enough to be able to oversee facility operations etc.. a career as a maintenance manager is about more than just your technical skills!

Consider following the tips given below. 

The 7 tips for a great resume…

1, Ensure that you read the job description

 Ensure that you have read the job description, even before you set out to make the resume! Also, highlight all the skills that your future boss is just hoping you have! Use keywords and skills that were used in the job description and add these to your resume!

2, Ensure that your resume is Applicant Tracking Compliant 

Ensure to read the job description before making the resume, and this will increase your chances of securing a great job!

3, Write your Contact Information

Remember that it is based on your contact info you can be contacted by potential employers. Include your name, address, mobile number as well as your email.

4, Write a good objective statement/summary

Remember that include a two-three line paragraph that highlights both skills as well as career goals! Writing a good summary will ensure that your resume gets the time of day!

5, Write about Work Experience

Remember that maintenance manager are the ones who supervise the maintenance department, they oversee the company’s maintenance operations and other processes. 

Arranging them in chronological order suits most resume. Don’t forget to mention whatever you achieved at your previous job.  Mention also how your contributions helped the organization.

6, Both hard and soft skills are important!

The technical skills one needs to be a maintenance manager include both hard and soft skills. Hard skills include all the knowledge of asset management and you’re technical know-how.

While hard skills like financial management, software implementation and basic equipment installation are what count, the soft skills one needs to write a good resume include good leadership skills, being a team player and problem-solving skills.

7, Include Educational Qualifications

Remember that certifications and other training ought to be included in a complete resume. Remember to dedicate a separate paragraph for your certifications since these will make your resume easy on the eye.

Conclude by going through your resume one last time! Use crisp language while having checked for grammatical errors and typos. Remember to employ eye-catching words.

 I hope these tips help you write an exciting resume that lands you the kind of job you want!

Proofread your resume

Finally, remember to proofread your resume, it is the final step, and probably the most important! Going through your resume at least once to make sure there are no grammatical errors is a smart thing!

In short

  • Read the job description
  • Ensure that your resume is ATS compliant.
  • Write your contact information
  • Write a good example, summary statement.
  • Remember to include both hard and soft skills
  • Write about your work experience
  • Include your educational qualifications

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