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Advantages of Using Faceted Navigation in Your eCommerce Website

Faceted navigation is the best way to ensure that your customers are narrowing down the search results to get the most relevant and valuable content for them. Most of the faceted navigations come with the filtering of the specific attributes to narrow down the search.  Faceting offers the customers a logical and relevant interface that helps them to easily filter and re-find their searching so that they can easily find their product on your eCommerce website. Availing a faceted navigation service thus becomes much beneficial. What are the advantages? Have a look:

Improves the overall user experience:

One of the best benefits of using faceted navigation is it helps you to improve your user experience on your eCommerce website. The shopping journey of your customer plays a most crucial part in deciding whether your customer is coming back or not. As you allow your website to offer a seamless ordering process. Also, it is easier to look at what they are finding. Also, the faceted navigation removes the guesswork of your customer. As the filters are relevant to your products, finding them becomes much easier.

Comes with more valuable data insights:

Data works as the key asset for your eCommerce website. The data that you collect from your shoppers, along with the faceted search, it becomes very early to recognize the pattern and type of the products they are interested in. Thus, collecting more data gives you a better ability to detect the ongoing trends and the activity of the shopper.  The more you know about your users, the more you can make your investment in the right kind of stocks to fulfill their needs.

Makes the product exploring more efficient:

Findability plays a crucial role in the eCommerce owners. It helps you to boost the conversion of your site when you make things easier for your customers. As you make the navigation easier for the prospects, they are more likely to find what exactly they are looking for. In case they are not sure about what they want, some of the product attributes help them to get better suggestions to find out the exact product. Also, it lets you secure a very personalized experience for each of your customers.

Improves the SEO:

Faceted navigation is the proven way to improve SEO. For your eCommerce store, the search engine crawling efficiency plays a great part. For the large eCommerce website which are having thousands of products of similar versions., crawling comes to them as a big issue. Thus Faceted navigation helps the crawling on your content to become easier for the search bot. Also, a poorly designed faceted search can impact your site negatively.

Lessens the no-results found instances:

The no-results found undoubtedly leads to a very bad experience for the customers when they go online shopping on an eCommerce store. While you apply the faceted navigation to your site, the chances of the no-results found instances dramatically reduces. At the same time, faceted navigation reduces the struggle of inputting all the details by themselves. As you give your users the ability to discover on their own their desired results, it improves your conversion rate.

Enables Customization:

Along with the faceted navigation, the eCommerce owners can easily place the relevant filters for the product type and category related to the search query. This includes color options, size, price range, etc., which increases the effectiveness of the search results. Also, this is effective for the users to get their customized results, which cut off their lot of time in looking for a particular product in the crowd.


All of the above-mentioned advantages work in the best way to give you better results in making your customers have a good time in your eCommerce store.  On the other hand, the best and ultimate advantage it offers is the boosting of the sales. Simply if you are going to give your customers the best time on your site, they are very likely going to come back more and more.

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