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What is Cryptocurrency? Definition, and a Brief Guide

I have often praised blockchain technology, which I really believe has the potential to be very efficient in many industries. Probably the most visible request of blockchains right now is the virtual currency Bitcoin, which has been mentioned numerous times in the news due to its rapid appreciation. However, there are more than 2,000 other tokens and coins based on distributed cryptocurrency technology.

Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies And ICO: Everything You Need To Know In 10 Minutes

Collectively they are known as cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies, and each claims to play a role or solve a tricky in some way, better than other answers that preceded it. The connecting factor between them all is the concept of Blockchain and its ability to establish identity and property, record transactions and enforce “smart contracts”. Currently, the total value of these cryptocurrencies is between $ 150 billion and $ 200 billion (it fluctuates widely), so it will take a lot of money.

Still, many cryptocurrency marketing agency believes this is just the beginning. As the technology and infrastructure surrounding currencies mature, cryptocurrencies, which are a handy solution to a problem, like Bitcoin, can rapidly increase in value. This makes them very attractive to investors.

There is one problem, however, and it is enormous. A large part of these over 2,000 coins and tokens have no practical use or no chance of widespread acceptance. This is likely (part of) why the recent trend towards using cryptocurrencies to raise funds – Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) – has been declared illegal in China. Other governments, especially in the West, were less willing to control with a heavy hand.

This has led to a “wild west condition”: law and order have not kept pace with the expansion of society into unknown areas. And while there is undoubtedly a gold rush going on, there are plenty of bandits and rattlesnakes too.

First Cryptocurrency

ICOs have become increasingly popular as a crowdfunding method and allow trading and registration of ownership of stocks or shares using a public, encrypted, non-fake and trusted Blockchain.

Roger Bryan, the founder of the Digital Exchange Index, told me that he believes more regulation will be needed before cryptocurrency markets can attract the level of the institutional investment that many of these Project roadmap template need to reach their full potential.

“This industry only becomes its best version when there is a semblance of regulation. I know that several of the persons who started the first cryptocurrencies would avoid this as they would expect it to deviate from the ultimate goal of decentralization. “”

Currently, potential investors looking to assert their claim to the future of a particular blockchain coin, project, or token can do so through a large number of ICOs, which often require a substantial initial purchase of $ 10,000 or more. Alternatively, they can trade tokens, coins, and coins (under the collective label for cryptocurrencies) on various online exchanges.

Bitcoin is the Guardian Currency – you usually need Bitcoin to invest in other cryptocurrencies – and this is one of the real uses of that particular currency that has undoubtedly contributed to its sustained increase in value.

Cryptocurrency Crash

Other currencies and blockchain projects claim other USPs. Ripple, for example, is intended for use in the financial services industry and has been partially implemented by global players such as Santander and UBS.

Another cryptocurrency, Dash, aims to outperform Bitcoin by increasing user anonymity and providing additional features that enable smart contracts.

Ethereum is another project that has caught the interest of the financial services industry and provides another platform for decentralized and automated signing and execution of smart contracts.

Other coins have more specialized, or niche uses – online tokens are predictably popular, as coins designed for trading a large number of online and mobile games.

All of these currencies attract speculative investments from buyers hoping to enter the “next bitcoin” early on. Bryan tells me, however, “Any investment in single money is hazardous.

Bryan’s Digital Currency Index is a selection of 30 of the most promising coins. He says his team conducted quantitative and qualitative analyzes considering more than 20 data points for each project. This has allowed them to select the currencies in the index with a high level of confidence that they will serve the purpose for which they created and will provide returns to those who back them now.

In addition to the performance of the coin in the market and the number of coins in circulation, they manually review the documentation and technical documents of each project to assess the business use case and observer social media to establish a sentiment.

More Info

“What we’re burdened there is seeing for red flags in the pumped currencies. We can see where the value of coins has risen just because people are talking about it, rather than having basic data points on why they have grown. ”

This is a method to counteract the enormous manipulation in the markets. With no regulation and no inflow of new money, often neglected, many more than happy to make money quickly by discussing specific projects up or down.

Many people have likely used cryptocurrency markets in recent years to earn the right amount of cash. In contrast, the revolutionary advancements that they supposed to allow them, for the most significant part, have not had ample of an impact on our lives.

However, Bryan would like to point out that it is still very early. Those who formulate crypto-based plans to change the world may need to get use to the idea of ​​being a little more responsible and working more transparently for those plans to reach their true potential.

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