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Diary of A Wimpy Kid Kills Mom

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Kills Mom

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Kills Mom – Ryan Grantham is a 24-year-old actor. He played a small role in 2010’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid and was also seen in two episodes of Riverdale in 2019. He remain punished to life imprisonment in a British Columbia court on Wednesday for the 2020 murder of his mother.
Grantham pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and he confessed that he gunshot his mother, Barbara Waite. He said that he shot his mother in the backside of her head with a .22 caliber rifle when she was playing piano in their Squamish townhouse on March 31, 2020, according to CBC reports. He can apply for bail in 14 years.

The Life Prison Sentence

While stating down the sentence, Justice Kathleen Ker of B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver said victim impact statements. The statements particularly from the actor’s sister, spoke to the “life-shattering” effects of the crime while acknowledging he had been suffering severe mental health issues and watching violent videos on the dark web.
Ker emphasized that Grantham’s “saving grace” was giving himself up to the police rather than going on a murder spree he had also apparently planned.

A Detail Investigation

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A GoPro video Grantham took a short period after the murder was displayed in court in which he admits to the murder and shows his mother’s body. In the video, TMZ reports, Grantham admits, “I shot her in the back of the head. In the moments after, she would have recognized it was me.”
The day after the murder, the CBC recounts, Grantham covered Waite’s body in a sheet, organized lit candles near it, and hung prayer beads from the piano before driving off in a car full of guns, bullets, and Molotov cocktails—reportedly resolute to head east to Ottawa. There, he supposedly planned to kill Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
After reaching Hope, B.C., however, he turns around and decides instead to commit a mass firing at Simon Fraser University, where he enrolls, or on the Lions Gate Bridge. Finally, Grantham drove to the Vancouver Police Department building in East Vancouver and turned himself in.
Crown prosecutor Michaela Donnelly referred to two psychiatric reports. These reports said the actor had undergone an “intense period of clinical depression” in the months resulting from the crime, according to People. The documents state that Grantham was “feeling the need to commit violence and kill himself”.  The documents also state that he had thought of killing his mother “to spare her from viewing the violence he intended to commit.”

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