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Does Illinois Allow Remote Online Notary?

Remote notarisation became popular in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The use of RON has simplified the service for the public and expanded the list of professional options for professionals. The Illinois state government passed Senate Bill 2664, and the Secretary of State reaffirmed the decision in 2022. The document was amended to allow electronic and remote certification of financial and legal agreements via video link. Notaries have been performing remote online notary in Illinois for out-of-state clients since the middle of 2023, when the law gained legal force. 

Specifics of Online Notary Public in Illinois

Under the new legislation, in order to provide electronic assurances, a specialist must be a legal practitioner and have a sufficient command of English for professional practice. The qualification process involves:

  1. Completing the training.
  2. Passing an exam in front of the commission.
  3. Entering into a contract with the RON software vendor.
  4. Registration with the Secretary of State specifying the device that the notary will use for RON.

There are requirements for a specialist:

  • be a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident of Illinois;
  • practice law continuously for 10 years;
  • no criminal record. 

To provide the online notarisation service, the professional will need a computer or portable device such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone with a webcam and microphone, and a secure internet connection. The notary will contract with a RON software vendor that meets the requirements to conduct legal activities in the State of Illinois. 

In order to legally certify digital documents, the notary must obtain a $25,000 bond and $5,000 bond to provide traditional legal services in a physical office. A professional planning to offer online assistance must obtain an E&O insurance policy. The document will protect the lawyer’s rights if he makes an inadvertent mistake. Insurance comes along with savings on legal fees. 

While physically located in Illinois, the lawyer is allowed to attest signatures of the parties to the agreement, who can contact from anywhere in the world for service. The notary must be in that state or the attestation is considered invalid. The specialist runs the RON platform, provides identification information and undergoes an identity verification check.

Before signing, the remote notary in Illinois asks the client if he understands what is written in the document and agrees to certify the information. The lawyer checks the text for semantic errors and electronically seals the document with the provision of a certificate that authenticates the signature. The attestation will be completed after the notary public retains the AV recording and makes a notation in the logbook.

A remote professional in Illinois offers services:

  • acceptance of confirmation;
  • certifying copies of documents;
  • swearing in.

The process of remote notarisation takes half the time compared to the traditional way. The saving of resources is the reason for its popularity. The service is appreciated by businessmen, executives, and business owners all over the world. The session takes a few minutes. The maximum fee that an online notary can charge for each remote attestation is $25. This is a small expense compared to the cost of traveling to a lawyer’s physical office. That’s why it is a very convenient way not only to solve a lot of problems quickly? but also to save your money.

Electronic or Physical Notarisation: Advantages

The remote notary applies a unique digital signature certificate to each signed and sealed document. This security measure helps to protect against unauthorized access. Any illegal attempt to alter the text can be easily detected in the digital record. An electronic signature reduces the likelihood of fraud. The risk with traditional paper signatures remains high.

Online notarisation allows more people to receive the service. This makes it easier for those in medical facilities or nursing homes. Busy people find it easier to schedule an online appointment with a notary because the professional has more appointments per day. The remote session is recorded, so any signs of coercion of other offenses can be viewed immediately upon completion. 

For online notarisation in Illinois, the client needs to provide an original unsigned agreement and a valid state-issued photo ID. A computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone with a webcam and microphone will be fine to communicate with a lawyer.  

How PandaNotary Works and What Signature Authorisation Help is Involved

As more states continue to pass legislation allowing the use of RON, businesses and individuals are choosing electronic attestation over traditional forms due to the obvious benefits.

PandaDoc Notary is a convenient and secure platform for remote notarisation of documents. Clients can use existing state-approved templates or upload their own to complete, submit, electronically sign and authenticate a document from the comfort of their own home.

PandaDoc Notary is a cloud-based platform with access to a full range of notary services in Illinois. A business owner or business owner saves time and money by choosing to meet with a lawyer online instead of in person. At the same time, one does not have to worry about the safety and confidentiality of tamper-proof securities. 

PandaDoc Notary is user-friendly, including those who have not used electronic signatures before. The platform’s help center provides comprehensive information about the software. Managers, available 24 hours a day, are contacted in case of technical problems and receive a solution as soon as possible. This service is the optimal choice for businessmen, business executives, and managers. The process is very simple. Thus, do not hesitate and choose this superb service that helps you not only to save money, but also allows you to perform all operations with documents very quickly. 

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