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Benefits of Using GIFs in Your Marketing Strategy

Every brand wants a marketing strategy that includes engaging, eye-catching content. How do you do that? Through GIFs! More and more, marketers are choosing GIFs over still images when it comes to creating campaigns that are noteworthy.

Using GIFs in social media marketing has become increasingly popular over the years. In fact, they can bring your social media presence to a whole new level and set you apart from your competitors. GIFs allow businesses to express their ideas, messages, and words in just a matter of seconds through visual means.

When used in your marketing strategy, GIFs can become an effective way to communicate and engage with your customers online – this is just one benefit! In this blog, we’ll detail five more benefits of using GIFs in your marketing strategy.

1. GIFs inspire brand loyalty

Does your business have its own GIFs? Many businesses create and use brand GIFs to promote their products and services. Additionally, companies can use GIFs to demonstrate how effective their product or service is and how to use it.

The more GIFs your business has, the more opportunities you have for customers to use them in their own posts. Having GIFs that are associated with your brand encourages user-generated content and, in turn, promotes brand loyalty.

2. They show off your brand’s personality

Did you know that GIFs have the capability to humanize your brand? It’s true! GIFs can help your audience know more about your brand and its personality. When you think about your brand, what kind of personality do you associate with it – creative, sophisticated, trendy? Use a GIF to show it!

One of the ways you can incorporate GIFs into your marketing strategy to show off your brand personality is through your response to comments. The next time you’re responding to a customer on a Facebook post, try using a GIF that shows gratitude instead of using text to say “thank you!”

3. Boosts engagement

It’s no secret that GIFs are a scroll-stopper. Our eyes are naturally drawn to movement. When scrolling through social media feeds, GIFs will be more interesting to the eye than static graphics and text posts. Not only is it more appealing, but it’s also easier for the brain to process the information more quickly. And because GIFs replay over and over, the information at hand can become memorized through repetition.

4. Helps your email marketing campaigns stand out

Your customers are receiving a bunch of email marketing campaigns daily – and possibly skimming through the content before moving it to their trash bin. How can you get them to actually read your email and consider your call to action? By using GIFs!

GIFs can help to break up the text in your email content and catch the reader’s attention. If your email content is just a large block of text, readers can get bored and want to click off. Transforming static emails into fun and creative campaigns that drive sales is possible with GIFs.

Need some inspiration for your email marketing GIFs? We’ve curated a selection of email marketing-related icon GIFs here.

5. Tell your story

You can tell your story through plain words, or you can make it more exciting by using a few GIFs! If done right, GIFs can be a faster way to get your message across. Have an upcoming product launch, sale, or special promotion? Announce it with a GIF!

Customers will be attracted to the motion graphic and want to see the message behind it.

As you can see, using GIFs in your marketing strategy can amplify your social media presence by adding a new form of communication and bringing personality to your business. If you haven’t incorporated GIFs into your marketing strategy, it’s never too late! Whether you choose to create your own GIFs for your business or outsource them from the Internet, you can start using GIFs today!

Need help finding a GIF that’s just right for your business? Check out our marketing GIF collection! We’ve even made it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. Simply press “Ctrl + F” and search for a keyword to find a GIF in our collection.

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