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Top 5 Blog Title Ideas You Should Try

In April 2022, WordPress users published well over 120,000,000 blog posts on their sites. Yes, that is the correct amount of zeros.

There’s a lot of competition today’s blogging, and you need to make sure your blog is a top contender. You can do this by writing lots of interesting and optimized blog content with enticing blog titles.

But thinking of amazing blog title ideas is easier said than done. Sometimes inspiration doesn’t strike, or you might not know what type of titles entice readers.

Lucky for you, this list has tons of title ideas for you to choose from whenever you are in a creative rut. No matter your niche, you’ll find ideal blog ideas right here!

1. “Guide” Blog Titles

Why do people read blog posts? There are lots of reasons, but the main one is that they are looking for information that they do not already know.

Not only that, they want an expert to lay it out for them. It’s the exact reason you are reading this blog post now, right?

That’s why you should create guides and use the actual word “guide” in your next blog title. It promises the reader that they will receive the information they are looking for about their chosen subject.

Here are some examples:

  • A Guide to Growing Vegetables
  • A Guide to Retirement Investments
  • A Guide to Camping in Canada

These are good blog title ideas. But they can be even better with a little extra detail. For example:

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Vegetables
  • An Advanced Guide to Retirement Investments
  • The Only Guide You Need for Camping in Canada

These titles show you’ve considered your reader’s needs. Someone who knows nothing about growing vegetables needs someone to walk them through the process. And someone who wants to know more about planning for retirement likely wants to know everything.

2. “How To” Blog Titles

This is a different variation of the “guide” blog title. Posts with “how-to” in the title are very popular, and it’s the best title for instructional posts.

Here are some examples:

  • How to Cook a Vegetable Curry
  • How to Build a Campfire
  • How to Do Drag Makeup

But you know the best title for a “how to” post is more specific. For example:

  • How to Cook a Vegetable Curry With Only One Pot
  • How to Build a Campfire: Five Simple Steps
  • How to Do Drag Makeup Like Trixie Mattel

People searching for solutions to a problem want to know that your blog will give them the exact answers they need. That’s why you need to think of blog title ideas that will make things easier for your readers.

If you know what problems you want to solve for your audience, but you’re still struggling to think of titles, check out this tool.

3. “Listicle” Blog Titles

It’s no secret that everyone browsing the internet has short attention spans and patience. They want to process information as fast as possible.

That’s why the “listicle” blog post title exists. These posts include a list of items, and the titles have a number as a prefix. It’s often 10, but some say lists with odd numbers perform better.

Here are some examples of listicle blog post titles:

  • 15 Things to Do in Thailand
  • 25 Martin Scorsese Movies
  • 7 Types of Coral Fish

These blog posts might deliver exactly what they promise in their titles, but who cares? You can make them more enticing by adding more information. For example:

  • 15 Unmissable Things to Do in Thailand
  • All 25 Martin Scorsese Movies Ranked Worst to Best
  • 7 Types of Coral Fish You Can Discover in Australia

These blog titles are more specific and inspiring. But make sure you deliver the exact number of items you say you will, or your readers won’t trust you again!

4. “This vs. That” Blog Titles

Without even realizing it, you are making hundreds of decisions every day. You might decide to wear a blue shirt over a red one. You might choose to drink coffee over water, take the bus over walking, or watch TV over reading.

But there are some decisions that you, or your readers, want advice before you make. That’s where “this vs. that” blog titles come in. These posts pit two alike things together to help your readers make the right decision.

Here are some examples of this type of blog post title:

  • Greece Vacation vs. Spain Vacation
  • $10 Haircut vs. $100 Haircut
  • Apples vs. Oranges

But, of course, the best title goes deeper. Here are ways you can improve on the “this vs. that” title:

  • Greece Vacation vs. Spain Vacation: Which Offers More for Your Money?
  • $10 Haircut vs. $100 Haircut: Can You Tell the Difference?
  • Apples vs. Oranges: The Winner Will Surprise You

Now the reader has to know which you chose in the battle between these items.

Make sure to choose two things that go together. For example, no one is choosing between Greece and Minnesota for their next vacation. They are too different for anyone to need help making that decision.

5. Blog Titles With Questions

Why doesn’t superglue stick to the inside of the bottle? What is OK short for? And why do humans love clicking on blog posts that have a question for a title?

Because humans are, by nature, curious. So if you use a question as your blog post title, you will entice your readers to find out the answer. Here are some great examples:

  • When Is It Okay to Cheat on a Partner?
  • What Is Election Fraud and Why Should You Care?
  • How Long Does It Take To Train for a Marathon?
  • Where Is the Happiest Country On Earth?

Blog title ideas that use questions are often more intriguing and provocative than other titles.

Use These Blog Title Ideas to Skyrocket Your Web Traffic

Finding the right blog post title will allow your website to get clicks over your competitors. And now you have plenty of blog title ideas; you’ll boost your blog traffic in no time.

Creating content for your website is only one task you need to fulfil as a website owner. Browse our website for tons more techy website tips and tricks!

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