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How do Casinos Ultimately Make Money?

Casinos online make enough money that helps them to run their business for years. But, if you are thinking they are scamming people like you to earn money, then it isn’t the case.

There are certain algorithms used by an online casino that make it just impossible to tamper with the results of their games, so lots of gamblers online blindly trust them.

You might be thinking, if people are continuously winning, like in the game of slots, then how do casinos earn money?

In this article, we will go a bit deep and understand the different ways that casinos online make money. To start with, casinos earn profit by offering a variety of games where average payouts will be lower than the income produced by overall wagers. In a way, it is accomplished and terms used for producing the casino records or income are explained in detail.

The Handle

The first method that casino online use to earn is from the handle. No matter the type of game, the handle is an important part of a gaming operator. The handle means the total amount a player puts in the bets. In the table games like craps, players put all their bets in the handle, and it is in a form of chips or cash. This money can go two ways; win or lose.

It’s simple to confuse both the handle & the drop. Drop is any credit or money traded for the chips. For example, in the game of blackjack, a drop box at an edge of a table is drop. The players have to drop the credit slips or bills in the box. In a few cases, both the terms, the drop, and the handle, are interchangeably used.

House Edge

In every bet, casino generally has the statistical benefit where they earn money. It is the house edge. The primary benefit that casino online holds is what makes any game a gamble. Most of the result is unknown and any party has equal odds of winning any time. It means that if the player losses, then the casino wins.

There’re two sides to a house edge. Casino win is a total sum of money that remains with the casino after all players paid their bets. It is possible to be the negative amount if players win much more than what a casino holds, or can be the positive amount if the casino earns money.


There are games, like poker, where commissions will be collected before the start of every game. Casino generally takes the percentage of initial bets. Some casinos have a flat rate & players pay this fixed fee before starting the casino game. Casino’s role in a game is just to be a dealer hence they do not win anything from a game.

Important Points to Know

  • The casinos have many built-in benefits that insure it and will come out as a winner in an end and not the player.
  • The more you play the game, the higher the chances are that result of the play may match up with a house edge—and you lose money.
  • House edge generally varies from one casino game to another, where keno offers the highest edge and blackjack the lowest.
  • The house edge advantages generally represent an average gross profit that the casino expects to earn from every game.

Other Incentives

The casinos online attract players by offering them high chances of winnings. Most of the players blindly follow it & deposit their money to play their favourite game, not always aware that the odds to win in these cases are zero. Doesn’t matter how much exciting bonus or offer the casino offers, they just have one goal and it is to make the operator richer. As we assume, it should work very well as the internet is filled with various casino offers and promotions and other incentives.

Final Words

Not all casinos online will boast the type of player counts. For the smaller venues, it is tough to tell how much exact profit they earn. But, thanks to this business model of providing games with the real odds to win, but it favours the casino, it is safe that the casino industry online is lucrative for ones running within it.

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