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Why your Business need Data Center Services?

We are living in a digital, technology-based world. With technology constantly evolving and data continuing to build up, there comes a time where your organization cannot handle storing and protecting all of this sensitive information – which is when your business needs to consider investing in data center services.

To understand why your business needs data center services, it’s important to start with defining what exactly a data center is and what responsibilities they carry.

What is a Data Center?

A data center is a centralized location for computing facilities and networking equipment. Data centers play various roles when it comes to collecting, storing, processing, and distributing large amounts of data for organizations.

Some of their responsibilities and services include:

  • Strengthen your organization’s IT
  • Manage IT, Internet, and cloud services
  • Backing up and recovering data
  • Hosting websites, managing emails, and instant messaging services
  • Supporting cloud storage applications and e-commerce transactions
  • Connecting communication networks so users can access information remotely

Overall, they house an organization’s most critical and sensitive assets and data.

Are Data Centers Reliable?

Business owners need a reliable data center to protect not only their data but also their clients. Allowing a data center to handle and protect their data can be intimidating, but rest assured that your data, your clients, and your business are in safe hands with a data center.

Data center operations have extensive systems set in place to make sure your information is secure, such as storing your data in disaster-protected pods, 24/7 monitoring, CCTV footage, uninterruptible power supplies, proper ventilation, backup generators, and more.

Who uses Data Center Services?

Every organization needs their own data center, whether the services are in-house or outsourced. If they have the resources, big corporations and government institutions may choose to build and manage their data centers in-house while some businesses prefer to use public cloud-based services.

Common industries that use – and need – data center services include government contracting, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and many others. These industries produce and process tons of information every day, therefore, requiring data center services in their business operations.

Without a data center, these organizations and government agencies will be without speedy and secure access to their data – ultimately leading to the loss of clients and profits.

Not only does slow and insecure access to data result in a loss of profits, but it is also costly to maintain an in-house data center. In fact, many business owners are outsourcing their data center services to minimize the cost of running an in-house server.

Why does my business need Data Center Services?

Simply put, data center services are needed for your business to keep your data secure and to invest in the longevity and health of your IT infrastructure. No matter what industry your organization is in, a data center is a valuable addition and a dependable extension of your IT team as your organization grows.

When you need data center services, Simple Helix is the best partner for stewarding your company’s data. As a Tier III Data Center, they offer a variety of services for data storage, compliance needs, and managed IT.

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