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How to Submit an Assignment as a PDF File?

PDF File format has certain advantages over others, including MS Word. One of the major benefits of using this format is the security and safety of the content. Usually, content is created in word format because of its endless features. If you are creating assignments in word format and submitting them in PDF so they cannot tamper, you should rely on the best word to pdf converter tools.

There are more than hundreds of paid and free tools using which you can convert words to pdf. This post will state some of the top-notch services that can be used for reliable conversions.

The best word to PDF converters for converting assignments!

Here are the services that can help you change your assignments to pdf.

Convert word to pdf with Duplichecker!

Duplichecker has gathered a lot of fame, and this is all because of its extravagant tools. The word to pdf converter is one out of dozens of free utilities offered by this site. This is an online doc to pdf converter tool, and so it can be used on different browsers on all types of operating systems to convert word to pdf. You should also know that it can be utilized free of cost and without any restrictions or limits. The word to pdf converter has integrations with cloud storage, so you can also get files from google drive and dropbox.

Soda PDF

The word to pdf converter tool by soda pdf is also among the best choices that you can make. Soda pdf is a remarkably interesting website that can help you convert words to pdf without any hassle. This platform can also be utilized to secure pdf file, sign them, and also for OCR conversion. So, if you have any scanned pdf files or images that you need to convert to editable text, then you can enjoy the services of Soda. This online converter is also capable of handling complete batches of files. You can use the services of Soda for free but for a limited time. For pro-options, you have to go for a paid plan.

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Phantom PDF

This is an all-in-one word to pdf conversion platform which can cater to all sorts of manipulations related to word and pdf. All of the tools offered by this website can be utilized for free for a limited time of 14-days. The business version is paid, but you don’t need it to convert word assignments to pdf. This tool can convert word to pdf in less than ten seconds, so it is known to be one of the efficient utilities. You can use the online version of this converter on any device you want. Still, you have to register every device separately.

PDF Element

Editing or converting word files to pdf is a breeze with this website. It is among the most top-rated conversion and editing websites on the internet. This pdf element offers all sorts of tools that can cater to all sorts of formats and convert them to your desired ones. If you have word assignments that you need to change to pdf at the very last moment, then you need to try this service. It is also quite famous for its fast conversion speed and accuracy. The only con/disadvantage of this tool is that it cannot cater to image compression.

Word to pdf converter by SmallSeoTools!

The word to pdf converter by smallseotools is another free tool that can be utilized by all users and on all devices. This is a cloud-based service, and so you don’t have to worry about its installation. The best thing about using this word to pdf file converter is that it protects the format and the style of the document. All of the utilities offered by this website are helpful and budget-friendly for Student organization. You can also get an application version for your smartphones!

Nitro PDF

This is another online website that can handle pdf manipulations. The word to pdf conversion tool offered by this website is among the best utilities for students. It can be used free of cost, and the best thing is that there are no limits to this tool’s use. The tool is known to be helpful for students as it can also help them edit pdf files after conversion. Nitro also offers a paid plan for extra options. The only con of this tool is that its free version has many ads that can be annoying if you have many files to convert.

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Small PDF

This is another online word to pdf converter, which offers you a desktop version if you get the paid plan. For an online word to pdf conversion, this tool is perfect, and you don’t need any experience to utilize it. The basic package of small pdf allows you to make as many words to pdf conversions. This is why it is an all-time favorite tool for students who want to convert their assignments.

Using either of these online tools, you can make your assignment in pdf file for submission!

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