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Why Merge Cells Feature In Excel Is Quite Popular?

The more you know about Excel, the more you get excited about it. Do you know what freeze panes are in excel? It allows getting your column or row heading locked. It is one of the most used features indeed. The fact cannot be ignored that Excel is loaded with brilliant features indeed. And merging cells is one of them.

Merging cells is one of the interesting functions in Excel. The importance of this function is that it makes it easy to present the data stably. It is indeed an ideal way to group the data coming under a similar heading to make your presentation look neat and clean. This feature has been available since Excel 2003 and still going on. It did not change even a bit.

Reasons To Merge Cells In Excel –

You need to be aware of how to merge cells in excel because of these important reasons. You probably need to merge cells for different reasons. Suppose you hold data in your excel sheet which is related to grades. Each student has different grades in different subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and Maths and so on. You may add the subject name following each excel cell specifically. In the last, you may merge the cells mentioned above having text “Subjects” to turn into one cell only. This way helps to make data easy to understand and notice.

What Benefits You Could Have –

If you require a larger cell in your spreadsheet or are required to merge cells to build a text box, then this feature can truly reform the cells following just a few clicks. In short, it could be said that your presentation looks perfect to go through. Your team members do find it easy to notice everything. Merging cells is quite helpful to make the prepared data free from confusion and doubts.

Merging cells is quite easy. You just need to choose continuous cells following rows or columns. Then you need to go with the right click and choose if you want to go with format cells, horizontal or alignment, and then center all on the selection. And now your cells have been merged and the cell would be aligned from being in the center. It makes it look interesting and sophisticatedly done.

What You Need To Keep In Mind –

If your cell holds multiple data then merging would not work ideally at all. It means your cell will be as it is. To get your cell merged without any issue, it needs data to be just one single entry. The best thing is that the cell’s property does not get affected when merging is done. The cell can easily be chosen separately when you work further easily.

Generally, the merging function is used in excel software. It is easy to use in any sort of software where it is allowed to make tables. It works wherever a table can be created. You may even use it in Microsoft Word or work in an Access database and cells.

If you are not using this feature, you are missing out on a lot in Excel. Using this feature helps to merge many cells into a single large cell. It can easily be used to get your text centered across many columns and rows. Make your spreadsheet look professionally prepared using this tool. This is indeed quite helpful if you want to prepare an impressive presentation in Excel. Keep learning more about Excel is important since it makes you get your project done speedily.

Conclusion –

Hope this content has helped you to understand everything about Excel’s features in an ideal manner.

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