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Canvas Pfisd – The Complete Overview Of The School Portal

Canvas pfisd is a training course that consists of three asynchronous modules. Pfisd stands for Pflugerville Independent School District which was founded in the year 1936. It is a fast-growth district located in Northeast Travis County. However, the district comprises of approximately ninety-five square miles.

The Pfisd consists of all or part of the sic municipalities including Austin, Manor, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Coupland, and Hutto. To start the training in canvas pfisd either you must watch a video tutorial or follow the step-by-step instructions. In addition, the most important part is to use the PfISD google account to access and follow the given instructions.

Skyward Pfisd

Skyward pfisd is a family portal where students can access their grades and attendance. FOCUS was previously used by the students to access the information. Moreover, it has been stopped and the information is been sent to the students through email.

Teachers are accessible to view the documents and short training videos that support the teachers. It helps them with online grade books, attendance, and discipline submission. PfISD administrators and staff members also have access to face-to-face training with support staff on student information and documents on advanced reporting tools and measures. Contact David Greiner to schedule training or access the Skyward Career Development Portal.

Pfisd Webmail

pfisd webmail is a page for webmail access for all the members that include staff, students, and teachers. Moreover, it also has a self-service password change utility. The different categories of the page are staff webmail, student webmail, staff spam, staff achieves, and self-service password change utility.

The students and the staff can send emails to each other through the page and can also change the password. In addition, it has spam services on the page that are accessible.

Clever Pfisd

clever pfisd isa webpage on the canvas pfisd portal where the LDAP login of is available. It has a QR code to login on to the page which is the easiest process. Moreover, it also has a parent/guardian login and a district admin login. Multiple logins are available and you are just one click away from logging in to the portal.

The best part of the page is that it also includes the recovery mode. It allows login using some verification methods in case if forget the login id or password. In addition, it also has a part where you can move if you are not from the same district.

Canvas Login

Login is the most important part of using any portal as the page does not load if you enter the wrong id or password. It is necessary to have an authentic password that is strong and unique. The login requires the Gmail id and the password to move on to the next page.

Both students and staff can log in through the page and are allowed to use their individual tasks. Moreover, the students log in to see the attendance and grade details. In addition, the teachers log in and add the grade book with attendance which adds up to discipline submission.

Pfisd Calendar

pfisd calendar is the academic calendar of the school which includes various information regarding the holidays and working days. Moreover, it also has the exam schedule and also the start and end of the academic schedule.

The different categories available on the calendar are the general holidays for staff/students, staff development and student holiday, planning and preparation holidays, and the final part of new teacher orientation.  All these categories allow the proper planning of the school and routine of the students and teachers.

Pfisd Staff

pfisd are very well organized in terms of their work and dedicated to learning new things. The different courses in the school are general resources, human resources links, instructional resources, systems & data resources, and wellness. All these courses are well developed and the teaching staff is well committed to the work of the institution.

Pfisd Curriculum

The curriculum in the school is based on the different categories of education that include PfISD Elementary Curriculum, PfISD Middle School Curriculum, and PfISD High School Curriculum.

Elementary school is the primary stage of education that relates the basics of the subject.  The middle school curriculum is a little advanced mode of education where the student gets a little depth of the subject. The high school curriculum is the most advanced mode to learn the subject in the comparison with the above two.

The different curricula are depending upon the mode of education and the subject. Moreover, it is necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject.


Canvas PfISD is the district school that is most popular in the region that provides quality education. The most essential part of the school is that the staff are well organized and are committed to providing quality education. PfISD also provides a portal for all the staff, students and parents too look after the data and academic records.

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